Why we work with IR Ceramic Plus:

  Performance & Durability

Performance: Infra-Red films have the unique ability to filter heat from sun light by targeting infra-red radiation. Infra-Red light is the spectrum of light that carries the most amount of heat—this is mostly responsible for what you feel as "hot" when standing out in the sun.

By targeting Infra-Red light, tint no longer has to be dark to be effective. This is why Ceramic Tint is popular for homes and auto windshields!

Durability: Some lesser grade Ceramic Films have the ceramic "coated" on a standard base film. This boosts its initial performance numbers when it is new however it fades quickly and does not hold up over time as it ages. IR Ceramic Plus has its Infra-Red Nano Ceramic particles integrated INTO the film which results in long term performance consistency with minimal loss in performance. This film is built to last 10-15 years. 

  Strong Adhesive & Bubble Resistant

Bubbling in tint occurs when the Sun has burnt up the adhesive on films. Through testings of countless brands, one key aspect we love most about IR Ceramic Plus is its SUPERIOR adhesive coating to any other film. This is important because weak adhesive systems WILL bubble over time as the sun burns up the film's glue. This film has what is called Aggressive Adhesive.

   Color & Performance Stability

IR Ceramic Plus is a Non-Fading, Non-Color Changing IR Nano Ceramic Film. Contrary to popular belief, Carbon Ceramics are NOT the top quality films.  As we have found through brand sampling and testing, their colors hold stable over time but their performance rapidly diminishes (varying from brand to brand). This is primarily because most carbon films are NOT fully manufactured in one facility—increasing dependency on other sources for material. The MOST successful way to Color Stable a film is through a process called Deep Dying. It is achieved by adding premium color stable dye INTO the granules of the film—resulting in a non-fading, non-color changing film for the duration of its life.

Commonly Rebranded Film

IR Ceramic Plus is one of the most commonly re-branded film in the industry. The quality of the construction of this film makes it a perfect low-risk product for any company to relabel it and distribute it—as it is often done. For legal reasons, we cannot name any specific brands, but you've probably heard of them yet don't know it's this film.


    Manufacturing Facility & Quality Control

Garware Suncontrol films are manufactured in a state-of-the-art, ISO-9001:2008 certified facility that makes just about everything that goes into their window films, from the base petrochemical intermediate right down to the finished products. This eliminates dependency on other manufacturers enabling complete control over the entire manufacturing process—from polymers to packaged goods. This is important because it ensures quality products & CONSISTENCY!

Quick Message From Texas Tint Masters:

Because of our YouTube Channel, we have been approached by numerous different brands that want us to carry their films. We don't just blindly follow numbers—we put them to the test. So when we sample them, we put them through various tests to test window films for performance, color stability, & durability. We have sampled over 20 different films and in some form or another, IR Ceramic Plus is superior where it matters. We REFUSE to cut costs for quality on ANY of our products or services. Our reputation for quality work & products is our top priority and we will NOT tarnish it with unproven films.