Premium Ceramic Tint | XPEL Prime XR Plus TINT Install Services*

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*Prices displayed are for MOST vehicles. Prices & labor may vary on some vehicles. Please contact us to receive a formal quote.

NEW! Tint Simulator 😍

This is the GREATEST TOOL that lets you visualize and choose the BEST TINT combinations for your car! Now you can see EXACTLY what your car will look like with different tint shade combinations before you buy it! 

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Typical Ceramic Tint Install + BEFORE/AFTER Test Results


Ceramic Tint vs. Dealership Tint 


Computer-Cut TINT Advantages


TINT Removal & Installation Demo


Why CHEAP tint ain't good & good tint ain't CHEAP!


 Ceramic Tint: 5% all (4) Doors & Rear Glass + FULL Windshield

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