Glass Ceramic Coating (GlassParency)

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The INDUSTRY'S TOP Glass Ceramic Coating! This incredible coating PROTECTS, PRESERVES, & ENHANCES the look & function of your glass. 

Here's the benefits:

  • RAIN—water micro-beads and "floats" OFF your windshield making it safer to drive during storms.
  • ACID RAIN—this is protective hydrophobic coating. It will protect from water permanently staining your glass.
  • SEALS GLASS PORES—when a glass is coated it feels "slippery" to the touch. This is what makes it A LOT easier to clean.
  • SCRATCH PROTECTION—This coating helps to prevent scratches to your windshield that can be caused by dirty or grainy windshield wipers.

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When acid rain ruins your windshield, this is the difference this coating can make.