Sierra Single Cab 2014-2018 | Pre-Cut Tint Kit | CERAMIC

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Pre-Cut Window Tint Kit. Non-Fading & Non-Color changing features makes this purchase a long term investment! Pre-Cut Tint kits makes tint installation easy, safe, & efficient! Buy Pre-Cut and SAVE money on installation costs today! All of our Pre-Cut tint kits are the same used by us in our shop and videos. 

Also fits models: 2015, 2016, 2017  

Two Front Doors Shades: The darkness of tint that you would like to be installed on the front driver side window & front passenger side window. CHECK WITH YOUR LOCAL STATE LAWS TO SEE WHAT IS ALLOWED. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY TINT VIOLATIONS. 

Rear Glass Shades: The darkness of tint that you would like for the driver & passenger rear door windows and your rear glass. 

Rear Glass Type: This refers to the type of glass your vehicle is equipped with on your rear most window. Your truck should have either a Solid Rear Glass or a 3-Piece Slider. 

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