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Regular Tint: This tint is mostly for privacy only and offers very little heat protection. It NEVER turns purple, fades, or changes color through the duration of its life. It has a product life expectancy of about 8 years before wear is noticeable. Lifetime Warranty.

Standard Ceramic Tint (Global QDP Ceramic): This tint is for HEAT PROTECTION & privacy.  The most affordable of the Ceramic Tints in the market! It offers great heat rejection with (5) total available shades for maximum customization! Also available in a clear (70% VLT) tint for full windshield tint installs! Lifetime Warranty.

Premium Nano Ceramic (XPEL XR Plus): The industry's HIGHEST heat rejecting! This NEW! tint is famous for testing a 98% Infra-Red Heat Rejection number! Extremely durable, superior heat rejection, color stability makes this purchase a LONG term investment. Lifetime Warranty.



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