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Not all TINT is built the same.

Making the informed decision can be the difference between buying the right product once, than a cheap product multiple times. Learn about the differences in types of tint and best choice for YOU!

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Getting started with your Window TINT Journey:

We believe in providing the best updated information on window tinting to YOU so that you may make the best choice for your window tint in Houston, TX!

In this page, we will go over the most commonly asked questions, different tint packages available, price ranges, and how to book your window tint with us—fast, easy, friendly!

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Nano Ceramic Tint

Combining extreme heat protection performance with color stability to resist bubbling & fading—this is the truck owner's #1 choice for truck window tinting in Houston, TX!

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Regular Tint vs Ceramic Tint (NANO)

What's the difference?

Heat & UV Protection. Regular Tint (dyed window film) is designed for privacy only—not heat protection. Ceramic tint is designed for maximum heat protection.

Most of the heat that the sun emits is through the form of infrared light.

Ceramic Tint is an advanced type of window tint designed to target infrared radiation through special infra red blockers in the film. Here's a short heat test to show the differences using SUNLIGHT:

We carry (2) types of tint: Ceramic Tint and NANO Ceramic Tint.

Ceramic Tint: is an entry level tint also known as 1st Generation Ceramic Film. This is a great film for heat protection while keeping a budget in mind. Brand: XPEL XR Black.

NANO Ceramic Tint: is the advanced version of ceramic tint. This type of window tint offers EXTREME heat protection for the hottest environments boasting a 98% IR Heat protection. Brand: XPEL XR Plus.

In this video below, we took a vehicle that had cheap window tint and compared it to Ceramic Tint & NANO Ceramic Tint for your view:

Ceramic Window Tinting

Application Packages

Finding the BEST tint package:

Below you will see the most common types of window tinting packages people purchase from us.

Doors & Rears TINT Package

This is a common package that includes the window tint installation on all doors & rear windows of a vehicle. Pricing can start between $250-$500 for most vehicles.


Doors, Rears + FULL Windshield

This package is most popular when MAXIMUM Heat & UV Protection is needed for ultimate climate control. Pricing can start between $450-$1,000+