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Tint / paint protection films

Most Common Questions:

CERAMIC WINDOW TINTING: we specialize in energy efficient window tinting for Teslas in Houston, TX. We have several installation packages available!

XPEL Paint Protection Films: We are an authorized & certified dealer for XPEL in Houston, TX.We have several coverage packages available for your Tesla in Houston, TX.

Glass Ceramic Coating: This type of coating is designed to make your glass hydrophobic. Protecting your glass against staining and allowing for easier cleaning and improved clarity during rainstorms.

Interior Protection Films: This is a film designed to protect the interior surfaces of your Tesla in Houston, TX against scratching & scuffs from normal daily use. This is commonly installed on screens, center console, door switches, kick panels, and more!

Nano Ceramic Tint is the most advanced window film on the market designed for maximum heat & UV Protection.

We also offer an entry level Ceramic Window Film (XPEL XR Black) which still offers a great amount of protection backed by a Lifetime Warranty at an affordable rate.

The main difference between both types of window tint for Teslas is their performance for heat protection. Both types of films have 99% UV Protection, are Color Stable to resist fading and color change, and backed by Lifetime Warranty.

To watch a short comparisons video: Click Here!

Pricing will depend on the type of Tesla you have, the type of window tint you are selecting, and the application package.

For an official quote, please fill out and submit the form by clicking on "Request a QUOTE".

The cleaning process is easy & simple: use a micro-fiber cloth and an ammonia-free cleaner.

Vinegar based glass cleaners are strongly recommended.

For Window Tinting: Depends. Our schedule varies from time to time. It is best to give us a call to check for availability at: 2819004484

Our main priority is delivering the best quality product possible. Most of the time, people arrange to have the vehicle dropped off.

For Paint Protection Films: Appointments is certainly required. Paint Protection Films require installation + drying time and final touch ups. For best results, consult with us on delivery times and arrange to have the vehicle dropped off. Depending on the size of the service, Tesla's will need to be dropped off overnight in our shop.

Paint Protection Films: Installation time will vary depending on what application package you select.

Partial Fronts: average of 1 full day.

Full Front: Full Day + Overnight

Full Coverage: 3-5 Days

These times are only projections, real exact times can vary. For best info, please submit for a quote request.

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