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You just found the best Tesla Window Tinting page! We use the latest tools & methods to provide the BEST & SAFEST tint jobs on Tesla's. Here's the MOST DETAILED install video we did on a Model 3 (taken from our YouTube channel):

Tesla Model 3 Full Analysis Video:

We've scoured the internet for the BEST methods and strategies for tinting a Tesla. This video is the result of hours of research, years of experience, and an attention to detail that makes our Tesla Window Tint installs—legendary. 

What is the best tint for a Tesla?

Ceramic tint is the best tint for a Tesla by Texas Tint Masters. Installing Ceramic Tint on a Tesla Model 3 in Houston, TX.

Ceramic Tint is the MOST effective tint to block heat:

Tesla's come equipped with the most amount of glass in a cab. It provides for great visibility for the driver however, it also leaves the cab exposed to heat radiation. Ceramic tint is the only type of automotive tint that will be the most effective to keeping heat out of the cab. The reason why it is much more effective than regular tint is because Ceramic tint comes equipped with an infra-red coating that targets infra-red light (the light that carries the most amount of heat). By filtering that spectrum of light out, Ceramic tint does not have to be "dark" to be effective. This is why Clear Ceramic Tint blocks MORE HEAT than the darkest regular tint. This is why we only install Ceramic Tint on Tesla's. 

 What is the BEST WAY to window tint a Tesla?

It's all in the preparation. Taking the proper steps BEFORE beginning the install is the key to doing a PROPER tint job. Although every person has their own unique way of tinting a car, there's a few methods & tools we've had the most success with. 

Protecting door panel electronics on Teslas for window tinting with Ceramic Tint. Window tint on a Tesla in Houston.

We use plastic sheet covers to protect sensitive electronics:

These plastic sheet covers prevent water from getting into the electronics of the door during the installation of the tint. During a typical install, water from the tint will drip on the door panels as it is being installed, sometimes leaving streaks (which are removable). Water can also get into the buttons and cause temporary or permanent damage to the buttons. However, by covering them up, the door panel and switches are fully protected from any moisture. 


Micro Fiber ropes used on Tesla's for window tinting to protect electronics. Soakshield ropes used for Tesla's to cover up electronics. 

Micro-Fiber ropes are the MOST EFFECTIVE way to protect dash electronics from getting water damage.

Tinting a rear window or a windshield on a Tesla requires a lot of water to install. In order to keep the tint from sticking prematurely before its ready to be squeegeed, the tint needs to be soaked with water so it can be properly moved around and set to the measurements of the glass. However once the water has done its job, it needs to be pushed out of the tint for it to dry. By wedging these ropes on the bottoms & sides of the glass, we prevent the excess water from gushing into the inner parts of the dash. This what the rope looks like once it's been used:

Soakshield rope being squeezed from its excess water after window tinting a Tesla in Houston with Ceramic Tint.

Now imagine all that water running behind the dash into sensitive electronics. Scary huh? Yeah, we would never tint Tesla's without it. These ropes have been a life saver—or in this case a Tesla saver.

Covering fender on a Tesla while window tinting with Ceramic tint in Houston, TX. This is the best way to protect Teslas from scratching.

Towels & magnets are a dynamic duo for protecting fenders:

Rear fenders & front fenders are areas in which an installer will lean on to work on the tint while tinting windshields or rear glass. In order to shrink the tint to the shape of the glass, an installer needs to shrink & mold the tint while it is on the outside of the glass. This process requires leaning on the car to reach towards the center of the glass. To prevent any accidental scratching, we lay down these micro-fiber towels and hold them using rubber magnets. The reason we use micro-fiber towels is because it is a soft cloth that won't scratch. We use rubber magnets because rubber doesn't scratch paint. In some cases, some Teslas have fenders that are not magnetic. In this case, we hold up the towels using masking tape.

Installing Ceramic Window Tint on a Tesla Model 3 with Texas Tint Masters in Houston, TX. 

Without these towels, the fender is exposed to possible scratching from belts, tools, etc. This way it stays protected throughout the install. 

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