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          Select your preferred times on the times table provided. This makes a reservation in the shop for your vehicle. Wait times are approximate—actual wait times may vary per vehicle. Our appointment times extend beyond our business hours so if our Shop is listed as "closed" but you see a time open to book, it can be booked! 


          Write your contact, vehicle & service requested info. This is where you can write in exactly what you are wanting to get done & any details we should know about. Everything will be finalized in person upon your arrival. This is just to give us an idea of what you are requesting. 


          Deposits are required to get booked into our schedule and reserve the shop hours for your vehicle. All DEPOSITS WILL BE CREDITED TOWARDS YOUR FINAL BILL. Deposit are NON-REFUNDABLE within 3 days of your appointment if you cancel. 


          You will be redirected to a page that will let you know what to expect & any steps to take prior to bringing in your vehicle. Just like that, you are done! Easy peasy. 

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