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Pricing for Houston home/office window tint installation will mostly depend on types of window tint & square footage of the project. Pricing can range between $8-$15 per square foot however pricing can vary on size of project. Contact us for your FREE in person consultation.

We make the process as easy & friendly as possible!

1. Book a consultation: it's FREE! Comes with free film samples & metered heat tests to show you how we can convert your glass through window film.

2. Receive a Quote: in most cases, our consultant will be able to provide an official quote on the spot for you.

3. Schedule Install Date: Scheduling is simple & efficient with Texas Tint Masters. Once we schedule you in our system, you will receive a confirmation & reminders. Some projects will require deposits that get credited towards your final total.

4. Perform the installation. Once the film is installed on your glass, the results of its effects are immediate.

The cleaning process is easy & simple: use a micro-fiber cloth and an ammonia-free cleaner.

Vinegar based glass cleaners are strongly recommended.

For the first 30 days, it is recommended to not clean the edges of glass to ensure proper adhering. Our technicians clean all of your windows once the film has been installed so there shouldn't be a reason to clean the glass right away.

Improving Your Daily Living

Through energy efficient window films | Houston, TX
Houston Home Window Tinting in Houston TX for heat & UV protectin window films by XPEL at Texas Tint Masters in Houston

Comfort & Security

Heat & uv protection for your houston home!
Did you know?
Clear Ceramic Tinting Filters Heat From Sun Light.

Designed for Heat & UV Protection, adding clear ceramic window tinting to your Houston home, office, or store front will reduce HEAT entering the glass without affecting window view & clarity. This helps to reduce energy costs & improve climate control, eliminating hot spots and stabilize temperatures.

Clear Ceramic Window Tinting also blocks 99% of UV Rays entering the glass. UV Light is the leading cause to fading and sun damage to interiors. Protecting it with window film will help to preserve the lifespan of floors & furnishings.

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solar protection films
Stopping the HEAT at the glass.

Window tinting is different than solar shades because the window film is able to stop the heat at the glass before it enters the home or office.

Using the right type of window tint on your windows reflects the solar energy away from the glass.

Nano Technology
Insulation for your windows.

Houston Home & Office Window Tinting converts your glass into an energy efficient—providing solar protection.

Eliminate hot spots and reduce inconsistent temperatures throughout your home or office—with energy efficient window tinting in Houston, TX!

Find Your Best Film

trained to understand the physics of solar heat to provide you the best film.

Choosing the proper window film comes down to your goals with the project. We recommend booking your free consultation for professional guidance on the best film for you. There are several types of film that offer different solutions, so we took the most common window films we use to help you learn more about them!

Heat & UV Protection

Clear Ceramic

Clear Ceramic Film offers heat & UV protection while remaining virtually INVISIBLE!

•Up to 87% IR Heat Rejection

•99% UV Protection

•CLEAR: Preserves Views

Prices for this type of film ranges from $12-$16 per square foot.

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Clear Ceramic Demo

Clear Heat & uv window film

Heat, Privacy, Glare

One Way Mirror

One Way Mirror is a window film that combines Heat & UV Protection with Glare Reduction & Privacy.

98% IR Heat Rejection

81% Heat Rejection (TSER)

57% Interior Reflectivity

This film is commonly installed on store front, privacy rooms, bars, restaurants, homes, & offices. Price average ranges from $8-$12 per square foot installed.

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privacy & decorative

Frost Window Film

Frost Window Film is one of the top choices for converting glass to total privacy while still allowing natural light to filter through.

Most commonly installed in: Bathrooms, french doors, conference rooms.

99% of UV light.

Pricing for this film ranges from $6-$10 per square foot depending on size of the project.

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privacy & Glare reduction

Non-Reflective Film

This type of window tint in Houston is a popular choice. It has a black non-reflective exterior appearance. This film offers:

Great Privacy

Glare Reduction

99% UV Protection

Prices for this type of tint range from $8-$12 per square foot installed.

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