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Pricing will depend on the specific vehicle and application area.

Entry Level Packages: Pricing can start around $150-$850. This is for applying the film in certain key areas such as headlights, door pillars, door cups, door edges, etc. Price ranges also apply to partial front end packages.

Mid Level Packages: Pricing can start from $1500-$2300. This is typically reserved for full front end protection packages. Typically includes full bumper, full front fenders, full hood, mirrors, headlights. This can also be customized to your preference.

Full Coverage Packages: Pricing can start from $5500-$7500. This protection package covers the full vehicle.

The best suggestion is to submit a request by clicking on "Get FREE Quote" for an official quote.

We can tailor projects to your exact needs & requests. We offer the (3) most popular packages:

Partial Front: full front bumper, partial front fenders, partial front hood.

Full Front: Full front bumper, full front fenders, full hood, mirrors, headlights.

Full Coverage: bumper to bumper full coverage for maximum protection.

We can also install paint protection film on key areas only such as: Headlights, Door Cups, Pillars.

Paint Protection Films: Installation time will vary depending on what application package you select.

Partial Fronts: average of 1 full day.

Full Front: Full Day + Overnight

Full Coverage: 3-5 Days

These are only projections, real exact times can vary.

1. Get a FREE Quote: You will receive a link with an official quote from us.

2. Schedule an Install: We will coordinate with you on availability to get you booked in with us. We will go over the vehicle and make recommendation based on our assessments.

3. Perform Installation

Paint Protection Film (Clear Bra) can be installed on any smooth part of your vehicle—inside or out.

Headlights: preserving the clarity & lifespan of your lens with special UV blockers in the film will prevent your headlight from turning yellow or hazy in Houston, TX.

Painted Surfaces: keeps your paint ultra glossy with a self-healing top coat that makes scuffs and light scratches disappear with sunlight! Also available in matte for satin finishes for paint protection film and clear bra in Houston, TX

Interior Trims: Doors Switches, center consoles, & more! This is a clear film designed to with stand the outdoor elements. To say this will protect your interior beyond any other product in the market is an understatement. Request your free quote today!

Digital Screens: Touch pad friendly, this film can be installed in touch screens. Use the gloss film for invisible effects, or the matte finish to reduce screen glare.

What is Paint Protection Film (Clear Bra)?

Paint Protection Film: also known as Clear Bra, Paint Protection Film is an advanced protective film designed to preserve the color & integrity of your vehicle's paint & surfaces. It's virtually invisible, giving you the BEST PROTECTION you'll never see!

Scuffs & Swirls
w/ Sunlight.

Self-Healing Top coat

Heat Activated Self-Healing Topcoat:

- XPEL Paint Protection Films self heals light scratches & swirl marks restoring gloss and look of the vehicle's surface through heat such as sunlight. Watch our YouTube videos on this page for a demo of this—you won't believe it until you see it.

Maintain Gloss, Resist Stains & Discoloration.

XPEL Paint Protection Film | Houston, TX

 XPEL Paint Protection Film maintains clarity under the harshest conditions from specs, spots, and stains, & FIRE in Houston, TX! We took one of our shop vehicles and tested it against a flamethrower. We ran 3 rounds of fire—and it held up. Watch our YouTube video below to watch the full video.

Clear Bra vs FlameThrower

Trial by fire!

Surviving the Fire Test!

We tested XPEL's Paint Protection Film (Clear Bra) against one of the harshest tests we can think of—Trial by FIRE! How does it hold up to 3 ROUNDS fire & flame? The answer surprised us and it may surprise you too!

Protection Against Graffiti & Vandalism.

Stain resistant Film | Houston, TX

XPEL Paint Protection Film protects your car from vandalism acts such as graffiti tagging a car & key scratches. The best time to protect your car is when it is new, protect your ride today with Texas Tint Masters in Houston, TX.


Texas tint masters is an xpel certified dealer for paint protection film in houston,tx
Paint protection film
Partial Front Package

Partial front package includes adding XPEL Paint Protection Film on the full front bumper, front partial fender, front partial hood, & mirrors. This is a great budget friendly package that offers protection for your vehicle at an affordable rate. Pricing for this type of package on average vehicles can start between $650—$850. Request a free quote for an official quote.

paint protection film
Full Front Package

Full Front Package includes adding XPEL Paint Protection Film on the full front bumper, full front hood, full front fenders, mirrors, & headlights. This offers great protection for Houston, TX highway driving against rock chips, debris, & contaminants. Pricing for this type of package can start from $1500—$2300 depending on the vehicle. Some paint correction work may recommended but not necessary.

Paint Protection Films
Full Vehicle Coverage

The ultimate package in auto protection. Full Vehicle Coverage includes installing XPEL Paint Protection Film to the full entire vehicle, bumper to bumper. Pricing will vary greatly for this type of package as each project will be different. Contact us for an official quote today!