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Texas Tint Masters is the best installers in Houston, TX for ceramic tint.

Our Waiting Area Advantage:

We have WiFi, Hulu, Netflix, YouTube for you to use while we work on your car! We've tried to tailor or waiting area to be comfortable for you so that the wait time doesn't seem so long. On average, people spend about 1 hour waiting for their car to be complete however we also welcome auto drop-offs. 

Texas Tint Masters is a Computer-Cut window tinting shop with Ceramic Tint.

We use a Computer-Cut system that cuts out tint patterns for us:

The advantage here is that it keeps blades off of cars and prevents accidental scratches to your glass or gaskets being cut. This is the safest way to tint a car and ensure factory fit.

The different types of TINT!

   Ceramic Tint with Texas Tint Masters Window Tinting in Houston, TX. Texas Tint Masters is the best window tinting shop in Houston, TX.

The main difference between Ceramic Tint & Regular Tint:

Regular tint uses LIGHT REDUCTION to block heat—meaning the darker the tint the more heat it blocks, the lighter the tint the less heat it blocks. Ceramic Tint has an I.R coating that targets Infra-Red light while using light reduction to block heat—which is much more effective. Infra red light is the light that carries the most amount of heat in the light spectrum. This is why CLEAR Ceramic Tint blocks more heat than the DARKEST regular tint.

Notice the differences in these two images:

Regular Tint vs Ceramic Tint Window Tint with Texas Tint Masters in Houston, TX

Ceramic tint is much better than regular tint because it is equipped with an infra red coating.

As you can see, CLEAR Ceramic blocks MORE heat than the darkest regular tint.


3 Reasons Why Ceramic Tint is the BEST:

1. BEST Heat Rejection

Ceramic Tint has a unique ability to FILTER heat from the light! It has an infra-red coating that targets infra-red light (the light that carries a ton of heat) so you don't have to go dark for it to be effective. This is why Clear Ceramic Tint blocks the most amount of heat than the darkest regular tint.

2. Strongest Glue

Those cars with bubbly tint? Yeah, bubbling happens because when the sun has burned up the adhesive that makes the tint stick to glass resulting in patches of the film repelling from the glass in forms of bubbles, cracks, and peeling. Ceramic Tint uses a thick heavy duty coating of super strength adhesive—making it the longest lasting tint for your car.

3. Longest Lasting

Ceramic tint is rated to be a 10+ year tint. Why? Ceramic tint is made by gathering the BEST of raw materials to create the most quality film money can buy. It fuses a layer of carbon film (won't fade or purple) with an IR (infra-red) coating (for performance) making Ceramic Tint a LONG TERM investment.

What is Deep Dyed Tint?

Deep Dyed is the most color stable & longest lasting type of tint that isn't Ceramic Tint. One of the biggest myths about "dyed" tint is that it all fades—not true. The difference is in the process of dying it in which there's two: Coated Dyed vs Deep Dyed. Coated dyed is when a manufacturer will "coat" the film with a dye. The dye will consist of 3 primary colors: RED, BLUE, YELLOW. Yellow is the weakest color and therefore fades the fastest leaving BLUE & RED. Blue and red colors mixed makes PURPLE. Now you know why tint turns purple.

However the BEST WAY to dying a film is through the process called Deep Dyed. This involves adding the color/shade of the tint during the creation of the film itself. What this does is that it makes it retain its color for the duration of the tint's life. The longest we've personally seen this film last on a car was 7 years on a car that spent its daily life out in the Texas Sun before it was sold. This TINT LASTS A VERY LONG TIME.


Now let's show you some package installs we do!

Full Ceramic Tint install at Texas Tint Masters with Ceramic Tint for cars and auton in Houston, TX

 Full Window Tint Install (only available in Ceramic Tint):

A FULL Ceramic Tint install is the absolute MOST effective way to keep the heat out of the car. This package includes every glass on the car/truck: windshield, all doors & rear glass, and any sunroofs/moonroofs/panoroofs if available. We only use Ceramic Tint for windshields because it is the only type of CLEAR tint that will block enough heat to make a difference. Clear regular tint only blocks UV but not heat.

Standard Window Tint Install with Ceramic Tint by Texas Tint Masters in Houston, TX. 

Standard Window Tint Installation:

This package is available in both Ceramic Tint & Regular Tint. This is what is commonly done on most cars—passenger & driver sides plus the rear window. Texas State law requires that both two front windows be above 25% of visible light transmission. In regular tint, the darkest legal is 35% and in Ceramic it is 30% for both front windows. As long as the vehicle is equipped with side view mirrors, the rear windows are exempt from any restrictions.

Ceramic Tint for Texas Tint Masters window tinting in Houston, TX.

Two Front Window Tint Install Only:

On most trucks and SUV's, the rear windows come equipped with factory dyed glass. It's not actual window film—it's dyed glass usually reading at 20%. The tint that matches it best is the Ceramic 30% (the darkest legal regular tint is 35%). The Charcoal color in the Ceramic Tint matches the dye in the factory tinted glass.

We fix $99 TINT jobs!

Tint removal with steam and deep clean process for window tinting in Houston, TX Texas Tint Masters

Steam Removal + Deep Clean Process:

We use an industrial steamer to loosen and remove old tint because this helps preserve defroster lines. This makes it easier because it loosens up the glue and the grip on the glass. Sometimes it will leave residue stuck on the glass and this is why we always follow it with a Deep Clean process. It consist of multiple stages we have created called The 3 S's of Cleaning: Scrape, Scrub, Squeegee. Scrape all the old glue and tint bits off, Scrub the glass for any left over bits, and Squeegee all of the loose dirt and glue off the glass. This is the BEST WAY to prep before installing the NEW tint!

Watch how we fixed up this REALLY OLD TINT on this car!

The Texas Tint Masters install process for Ceramic Tint in Houston, TX.

It's all in the preparation. Taking the proper steps BEFORE beginning the install is the key to doing a PROPER tint job. Although every person has their own unique way of tinting a car, there's a few methods & tools we've had the most success with. 

Protecting door panel electronics on Teslas for window tinting with Ceramic Tint. Window tint on a Tesla in Houston.

We use plastic sheet covers to protect sensitive electronics:

These plastic sheet covers prevent water from getting into the electronics of the door during the installation of the tint. During a typical install, water from the tint will drip on the door panels as it is being installed, sometimes leaving streaks (which are removable). Water can also get into the buttons and cause temporary or permanent damage to the buttons. However, by covering them up, the door panel and switches are fully protected from any moisture. 


Micro Fiber ropes used on Tesla's for window tinting to protect electronics. Soakshield ropes used for Tesla's to cover up electronics. 

Micro-Fiber ropes are the MOST EFFECTIVE way to protect dash electronics from getting water damage.

Tinting a windshield on cars requires a lot of water to install. In order to keep the tint from sticking prematurely before its ready to be squeegeed, the tint needs to be soaked with water so it can be properly moved around and set to the measurements of the glass. However once the water has done its job, it needs to be pushed out of the tint for it to dry. By wedging these ropes on the bottoms & sides of the glass, we prevent the excess water from gushing into the inner parts of the dash. This what the rope looks like once it's been used:

Soakshield rope being squeezed from its excess water after window tinting a Tesla in Houston with Ceramic Tint.

Now imagine all that water running behind the dash into sensitive electronics. Scary huh? Yeah, we would never tint windshields without it. These ropes have been a life saver.

Covering fender on a Tesla while window tinting with Ceramic tint in Houston, TX. This is the best way to protect Teslas from scratching.

Towels & magnets are a dynamic duo for protecting fenders:

Rear fenders & front fenders are areas in which an installer will lean on to work on the tint while tinting windshields or rear glass. In order to shrink the tint to the shape of the glass, an installer needs to shrink & mold the tint while it is on the outside of the glass. This process requires leaning on the car to reach towards the center of the glass. To prevent any accidental scratching, we lay down these micro-fiber towels and hold them using rubber magnets. The reason we use micro-fiber towels is because it is a soft cloth that won't scratch. We use rubber magnets because rubber doesn't scratch paint. In some cases, some Teslas have fenders that are not magnetic. In this case, we hold up the towels using masking tape.

Installing Ceramic Window Tint on a Tesla Model 3 with Texas Tint Masters in Houston, TX. 

Without these towels, the fender is exposed to possible scratching from belts, tools, etc. This way it stays protected throughout the install. 



 5 Things You Should Know Before Tinting Your Windows

    1. Not all tint is the SAME | Not all Shops tint the SAME:

    Every shop is going to offer something different and have a different way of doing it. It's important to note that when you are choosing a tint shop that you inform yourself first. Determine how many different types of tint they offer. If they only have one type, go somewhere else. Tint is NOT a One-Size-Fits-All. 

    2. What's the best type of tint for my car?

    The decision is up to you. A good tint shop will equip you with the proper info so that you can make the best decision for yourself. There's only 3 types of tint that exist for cars: Premium Dyed (Good) High Performance (Better) Ceramic (Best). A good shop will carry all three.

    3. It's either Hand Cut or Computer-Cut.

    The standard practice for decades was to cut the tint patterns of your windows on your car. However, the Computer-Cut system has made it SAFER & FASTER by storing a database with all the pre-cut patterns so that you will no longer have to risk scratching your glass from an accident or an inexperienced installer.

    4. Tint Specialty shops are better and more reliable.

    Too often window tint is a service offered as a side service to a main business. You're better off with a shop whose area of expertise is mainly WINDOW TINTING. Why? A tint-only shop with bad quality or bad service CANNOT survive. They MUST do the job right to be around for the long term. Shops whose survival or income don't depend on window tinting can, and often do, cut corners. Don't be fooled, choose an expert.

    5. Stay away from "Extended Warranties" 

    This is a RED FLAG. Extended Warranties are mostly scams designed to charge you more for the same product. Quality Window Tint comes with manufacturer warranty that a shop is supposed to pass on to you. If you are being charged for more warranty then you should be getting a better product for your extra money. Not just more coverage. 


    The Texas Tint Masters difference



    Limited Lifetime Warranty Terms & Conditions:

    The film manufacturer & Texas Tint Masters warrant that for the duration of the current customer's ownership of the vehicle, Ceramic Window Film will maintain solar rejection properties without cracking and/or fading. It will also maintain adhesion without blistering, bubbling, or delaminating from the glass. Warranty does not cover damages to the film, cracked/broken glass, faulty gaskets, windshield replacements, glass replacements, law enforcement citations, failed inspections. Warranty is NON-transferable and ONLY entitled to the original purchaser of the film.

    Limited Lifetime Discount Terms & Conditions (Ceramic Purchases Only):

    We understand that accidents happen & we've got your back. Texas Tint Masters will commit to applying a 10% discount off updated listed retail price to any replacements of tint in cases where the warranty does not apply. Please note that retail price may not reflect what you paid as we sometimes run specials & discounts. The Lifetime Discount agreement cannot be combined with any other discounts. Tint removal fees may be added where applicable. Discount is NON-transferable and only entitled to the original purchaser of the film. Limit one per car. Taxes apply.  

    Texas Tint Masters is the world's best window tint shop in the world for Ceramic Tint in Houston, TX.