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Project Overview

Patriot Industries
Texas Tint Masters™

Project Overview

Patriot Industries Building
Texas Tint Masters™

Project Overview

Patriot Industries Building

Texas, We Have A Problem.

 So what happens when Patriot Industries contacts Texas Tint Masters about problems on their windows in their newly built building they are moving into in Houston, TX? We answered the call and began our process of solutions. 

In 2023, Patriot Industries relocated to Houston into a massive building featuring a beautiful storefront with extensive glass. Although this allowed for excellent visibility, it also presented a few challenges such as excessive glare, exposure to harmful UV rays, and the sun heating up the interior, leading to increased energy usage on the HVAC system — not good! 

Here's Our Solution

After we assessed the needs of the client and the space and solutions desired, we decided that the best Houston commercial film for this application is a Multi Layered Non-Reflective Commercial Window Film that is safe for dual double pane windows. 

Texas Tint Masters™

Film Features:

70% Heat Rejection

86% Glare reduction

99% UV rejection


70% Heat Rejection: Reduces solar energy because it is a multi layered blend of dyed outer layers that give it its neutral appearance and an inner reflective layer that is the main contributor to its high heat rejection performance.

86% Glare Reduction: Glare from sunlight can be a major issue for businesses, especially those with large windows. This film is dark in nature so it is a popular choice to reduce glare, which can improve visibility and reduce eye strain for employees and customers. This makes it a great solution for spaces that need to balance light dispersion and reduce bright glare spots. 

99% UV Protection: Harmful UV rays can cause fading and discoloration of furniture, flooring, and merchandise.

This fit the exact needs of the client and Texas Tint Masters in Houston, TX set up a Commercial Window Tint Film installation Appointment to complete this install. 

Here's Our Process Of Installation:

We began by assessing the space and work area by taking all precautions to cover any floors and items that will be in the vicinity of the installation to ensure no residual moisture damages anything surrounding. This also provides the work space floors a layer of protection from any equipment Texas Tint Masters™ may use during your Houston Commercial Window Film installation.

Next is a multi-stage deep cleaning process of the windows to strip them completely clean of any surfactants and contaminants, ensuring proper film to glass adhesion and maximizing the lifespan of the film. The use of a multi stage process allows the professional window film installer to ensure a clean window through multiple methods used at once. Why pick a style when you can be versatile, right?

Next is installing the film and trimming the edges. Every piece of film is custom trimmed to size on the window, as every window can have slight alterations in the exact width and length. A custom trim by a certified technician ensures consistency throughout the perimeter of the Commercial window space.

Finally, the post-cleaning and inspection! We cleaned the interior windows after installation, leaving the work area clean and the windows clear. 

glare reduction comparison