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How residential window tint works for your home. Residential window tinting filters out heat from your home while allowing light to enter.  

Treating a glass with Residential Tint is adding a UV/Heat filter to your windows. 


 There are A LOT of reasons to tint your home. What's yours?

  • Heat Rejection
  • UV Protection 
  • Temperature Consistency
  • Privacy
  • Comfort
  • Glare Reduction to TVs & Phones

 One Way Mirror Home & Residential Window Tint. Great for heat rejection, privacy, glare reduction!What is One-Way Mirror Film?

One-Way Mirror Films means that on the outside it has a mirror like finish to it (great for privacy). On the inside, it is non-reflective to give you easier visibility and more clarity than the traditional reflective films. 

This is what it looks like (click video below):




Today's tech savvy world has innovated ways to filter away heat from light without the disturbing the amount of light entering the home. This means you can open those curtains and let in some of that good ol' sunshine without the worry of heat or UV Rays getting in.

This is what it looks like installed (click video):


5 Ways Window Tint Will Benefit Your Home:

1. Reduces Energy Costs

Adding window film to your home reduces the amount of HEAT that enters through your glass. The film acts as a protective filter between the sun's HOT rays and inside of your home. Reducing the amount of heat entering your home keeps your A/C from over working itself to fight the heat. Trust us, it makes a HUGE difference.

2. Increases Lifespan of Furniture & Floors

What's the leading cause of fade to furniture and floors? UV Light. You see, the Sun emits radiation at many wave lengths. There are four different ultraviolet wavelengths and what happens over time is that furniture, floors, curtains, etc will slowly start to dry & erode anything within the sunlight's perimeter —residential window films block over 99% of UV rays

3. Reduces Glare 

Some Medium to Dark Shaded films work great for this problem. Along with UV protection, window tint reduces glare that makes it easier to watch TV or view your phone or tablet.

4. Privacy: Can't see in, But You Can See Out (Optional)

The beauty of this sought-after benefit is that tint doesn't have to be dark to have privacy. Reflective films are GREAT for areas in the home where PRIVACY & LIGHT are desired. These kinds of films are perfect for making any part of your home a place where you can stand by a window without being seen. 

5. Temperature Consistency Between Rooms

The rooms that always seem to stay hot when a home isn't treated with window film are usually the ones that receive the most amount of sunlight. Why? Rooms heat up in correlation to the amount of sunlight transmitted through the glass. By treating the glass with window film, the amount of solar heat entering the room is drastically reduced. Residential window tint preserves & evens out temperatures from room to room at a consistent level.






Here's a project we did for a client in Angleton, TX. The property had almost no trees and the home had windows on every side that was in constant sun exposure. What do you think?