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For Home & Commercial approvals, one of our team members will reach out to you for scheduling & availability. For automotive projects, please continue booking through our Self Scheduling System below.

For Home & Commercial Approvals:

One of our team members will be contacting you for deposit and scheduling availability! In the meantime, feel free to contact us with any questions.

For Automotive Approvals:

Please access our self scheduling system to schedule your installation and reserve a team for your vehicle.

how to self schedule in

3 easy steps

We have designed this process to be simple, FAST, & efficient. Click below to get started.
how to self schedule:

1. Review Price Options

Review our price guide for a range of pricing OR submit a form for an official quote below.
how to self schedule:

2. Access Online Calendar

Access our calendar system that integrates with your Google Calendar to reserve service shop hours.
how to self schedule:

3. Bring Your Car

We have a waiting area with WiFi & drinks or arrange to drop it off!

People Also Ask:

Tips to help your appointment process:

For Home & Commercial: Please have any furniture or delicate items removed 3' from the windows to allow window accessibility.

For Automotive Tips — To Wait Or Not To Wait, That Is The Question. We do our best to best accommodate you. If you plan on waiting for it, we have a waiting area with WiFi and drinks for you to wait on. However, we prefer dropping of the vehicle in the mornings of your appointment. In certain cases, vehicles dropped off the morning of their appointment days are delivered earlier than expected.

Help us produce a clean service. If your car is especially dusty or muddy, we recommend rinsing the vehicle prior to your appointment.

Once your vehicle has been completed we will send a "Vehicle Ready" message to notify you that your vehicle is ready for pickup!

For Automotive Appointments:

Once you open the link to self schedule, you will then be prompted to select your "Tint Packages". Each package has an estimated time attached to it to give a range of time needed for that package.

To select tint package: Select the package that most resembles your request. If you don't see your exact request, select the option closest to your request.

Next, you will see our calendar with available times. Select your preferred times to reserve these hours for you.

Next, you will submit your info. We have added a couple of questions to better help us serve you.

Finally, review appointment & submit your deposit! This will complete your online booking process. If we have any additional questions our team will contact you.

For Home & Commercial:

A deposit link will be assigned to you. Once we receive the deposit, an order will be placed (if needed) and then we will schedule an appointment for your project.

Review Price Range Board:

We have included a digital price board at the top of this page for your review. Use this as a Price Range Guide to help you get familiar with our pricing and access to fast booking.

If you book without a proposal, one of our team members will send a proposal once we process your appointment.

*Please note that the pricing board are estimates designed to get you familiar with our rates for fast access bookings but is not considered an official quote.

Get Official Proposal:

If you would like an official quote, please contact us for official pricing on your exact vehicle before scheduling. Our team will assign official pricing so you know exactly what your total will be prior to scheduling. Once you receive pricing, you can go ahead and access scheduling.

This will vary day by day. In certain cases we are able to accept walk-ins however our online booking system is our priority schedule.

To check our availability, please contact us by call/text at: 281-900-4484.

Absolutely! You can reschedule without having to go through us by using the appointment system.

How To Reschedule:

Once your appointment system goes through, you can access your appointment through your Google Calendar. Click on your appointment time and click on "Cancel/Reschedule" & select your new time!


Yes, deposits are required to reserve shop hours and have an installation team assigned to your vehicle.

Home & Commercial:

Yes, a deposit will be issued to you. Once received, we will place an order for your project, assign a team, and schedule an installation with you.

Installation times will vary vehicle by vehicle depending on the condition of the windows and packages selected. Simple packages can range between 1-2 hours of installation time while others can take 3-4 hours.


We have alternative options such as walk-ins, overnight drop-offs and many more. Just contact us by call/text at: 281-900-4484 and we can work with you.

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