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Exclusive Website BONUS:

Welcome to our video page! On top of watching the videos, I am going to include some of the behind the scenes bonuses on some of the videos that are not mentioned on our YouTube Channel as an added bonus for visiting the site. In case you're wondering who wrote this and created the website—Tis' I, Carlos the TEXAS SQUEEGEE! Enjoy folks.


Tesla Model 3 Ceramic Tint Install:

Alright! We kept seeing videos & videos of Tesla Model 3 owners posting some of their tint jobs and we knew—somebody had to step up to the plate so show the world how it's done. So we did. Through hours of research, calling our contacts, and a little bit of our own twist, we set aside an entire half day to put all our best knowledge & talent forward and produce what is easily—the world's BEST install video on a Tesla Model 3.


Ceramic Tint vs Regular Tint:

OUR MOST POPULAR VIDEO! Okay here's a confession: We juked the stats. Well—not really. I never thought this video would become the world's TOP ranking video for Ceramic Tint. At the time we shot it, we were on a tight deadline to turn in the car. So you will notice in the "after" test, the light is at a different distance than the "before" shot. This was completely unintentional—I should've checked the shots but in the end, it only compensates for about 20 point difference. Either way, the numbers went down A LOT with Ceramic Tint and it's helped a lot of people make the better choice for their cars.

Replacing Dealership Tint with Ceramic Tint:

This was the video where we started to get into our "vlog" type groove. Explaining things as if we are taking the viewer on a journey. This car had a lot of glue to clean up but the end result was BANGIN'.

BAD TINT removal!!!:

This was a video I enjoyed making. The tint on this was bad but not the worst we've seen. Left a whole bunch of glue residue, fixed it up with our Red Spray, and away she went. The car is a Hyundai Genesis & if you look at the comment section, there was a gentleman that said, "My daughter's name is Genesis." Which for some reason makes me laugh. I don't know why. Just seems like such a random comment. 


Ceramic Tint Built Tougher than FORD:

One of our old techs was featured here: Pete Espinoza! He had his moment of fame when he said, "Smoooth as a baby's butt." This was early in the YouTube channel when we started to get more Full Ceramic Tint Installs. By this point, my videographer John and I had found this temporary style of the "Walk-around" style of shooting.

BLACKED out Dodge Ram! 

Dodge Ram Laramie Longhorn:

This truck was MEAN! It had a  LOUD af trainhorn! Every time he pulled up to the shop, we would have a scare. Later on, he came back to tint his windshield with 50% Ceramic Tint. Needless to say, it was DARK! The part about this video that makes me laugh is the end. The sound levels were so jacked and we didn't have mics so it sounds—not very good. Lol. 


Blacked out Camry!

The owner for this car personally asked us to do a video for his car. So we did. This is more of a montage rather than an informative walk-around. 


Dodge Scatpack!

We're going back to the early days of Texas Tint Masters and the Tint Channel! All the early videos we shot on a tight deadline. If you notice, watch how I kept looking up as I was talking. This was because the owners were pulling up to pickup the car and I didn't have much time to go further into detail. Nonetheless, people really enjoy watching this one. 

Want to see how much difference Ceramic Tint makes? | Computer-Cut Tint

Audi A4 Full Ceramic Install:

I was really excited to watch this video when John Anguiano finished editing it. At the time of its publishing, it was our best filmed & edited video. Now, Audi's are NOT easy cars. This install took a long time and a lot of attention to detail the video left out. This was at the stage in which we began to see more and more people buying the FULL Ceramic Tint package which includes sides, back, windshield, sunroof.


How to deal with Windshield stickers every year:

Now this only works with Texas registration stickers because they won't rip like some of the other state's all paper stickers (cause Texas is the best). But this is a simple method that I came up with in installing my own stickers on my personal windshields. Works every time and you don't need any tools!

 This one was for fun! We did for our viewers on October 2018

I haven't dressed up for Halloween since I was a wee-little-lad. So on October of 2018, I put together this Jason costume (Jason is my favorite slasher cause I had nightmares about him as a kid). So one day, I had the costume at work and on Halloween Day, one of our installers Erick wanted to do a parody film for our viewers. THIS WAS AN IMPROVISED SHOOT. Nothing was pre planned and all edited on the same day.

The different types of Ceramic Tint: Carbon vs Dyed

Yes, there is a CHEAP version of Ceramic Tint. You can't tell based on looks but it's definitely not as good as true Ceramic Tint. This is the only video that you will see that compares the two. On the video, I said it's a customer vehicle? It's not—it was on of our techs. But he did pay for it so technically I guess it is a customer's vehicle...enjoy!


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