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Let us help your place of business. Here's how:

How window film or window tint works for a commercial business. By adding tint, the glass is now protected to reject heat and UV Rays.


MANY reasons to tint, here's the main ones:

  • REDUCE HEAT transmitted through the glass using dark or light commercial grade window tint.
  • SHATTER RESISTANT: prevent glass from breaking through during a riot, violent protest, or break-in.
  • CUT GLARE by up to 96% in areas that receive too much sunlight.
  • PRIVACY: Be able to see out without them seeing in for total comfort in privacy.
  • UV Ray: Any tint we supply has over 99% UV protection.


Does window tint have to be dark to be effective?

   No.Today's tech savvy world has innovated films to filter away heat from light without disturbing the amount of light entering the room/store. This means you can display your products by the glass without worry!

Light & Effective Commercial Window Tint (click video):


Window Tint vs. Solar Shades (Pros and Cons)

 1. Heat Performance:

Window film is a lot more effective at blocking heat at the point of contact (your glass). Solar shades work great too however, they stop heat once it's already entered the room. You get what is called radiant heat being dispersed into the room.

2. Clarity of View

Shades block your view, window film enhances it! Shades however are removable.

3. Maintenance

Window film requires NO maintenance other than restricting use of ammonia/alcohol based glass cleaners. Shades can be a hassle to properly clean if left alone for some time.

4. Glare Reduction

Dark window films work just as good as shades. The difference is that shades are removable and the window film is not.

Final Results! Overall, adding window film is better than shades however the BEST SOLUTION is the combination of BOTH. We've found the greatest of success when store owners combine the benefits of both. Using the performance of window film along with the convenience of shades.


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