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State Farm's $20,000 A/C Repair Bill Leads To Window Tint by Texas Tint Masters - Here's Why

When the summer sun beats down on Houston, TX, businesses often face the challenge of excessive heat buildup and glare through their windows. This was precisely the issue at a State Farm insurance location where the workers and customers were struggling with high temperatures and glare, causing discomfort and skyrocketing cooling costs. After repairing the A/C multiple times due to over stressing the unit's components, one of the employees had a bright idea — what about window tinting the windows?! Here's a detailed look at how our recent window tinting project using XPEL Blend 7 Commercial Window Film transformed their workspace.

The Problem: Floor-To-Ceiling Windows, Overbearing Heat


The employees at the Houston State Farm Insurance location were experiencing significant heat buildup and glare despite the sun not directly entering through the glass. The heat radiating off the concrete outside was sufficient enough to pass through the single-pane windows, overwhelming their air conditioning system. The AC unit had blown out eight times, resulting in repair bills totaling $20,000.

Traditional solutions like blinds, shades, and curtains were considered, but the State Farm Houston team realized that window film would address the root of the problem by stopping the heat AT the glass. Blinds, curtains, and shades only address AFTER it's entered the space.

During the initial site visit and consultation, we could quickly feel the heat from the sidewalk and concrete emanating through windows. Although the sun wasn't directly through the windows, the heat build up from the side walk plus the energy reflecting off of bright surfaces was enough to cause a drastic increase in temperature inside the office. 

The Solution: Massive Heat Reduction

After discussing multiple options, we suggested XPEL Blend 7 and Dark Neutral 15 due to their dark nature and high heat insulation properties. He liked the appearance of both, so we installed samples on the windows to simulate a real installed product.

Once the manager approved the appearance of the films, we then proceeded with a heat test to review the difference each commercial window film will make after it is installed. We utilized a solar power meter that measures solar energy. The higher the number, the more energy it is detecting. Here are the results: 

XPEL Dark Neutral 15 vs Blend 7 Window Film Heat Test

After careful consideration, the building manager decided to go with the best — XPEL Blend 7 Dual Reflective Commercial Window Film. This commercial window film is designed to block large amounts of heat and glare while maintaining a professional elegant appearance designed to blend in to its natural surroundings. Given the client's needs and the benefits of darker films for heat reduction, this choice was ideal. 

Below are some of the performance specs for the XPEL Blend Reflective Series Window Films line: 


Installation Day: Squeegee's Up, Heat Down

Our master installers, Carlos and Pete, arrived promptly at the opening time of the State Farm Houston office. Efficiency and minimal disruption were our priorities. Here's a breakdown of the installation process:

1. Preparation: We moved equipment indoors quickly and carefully relocated furniture and items away from the windows to access them easily.

2. Deep Cleaning: A thorough multi-stage cleaning of the windows ensured the removal of any buildup or adhesive residues, preparing a clean surface for the film.

3. Film Installation: Carlos and Pete coordinated their efforts, with Carlos handling the top windows and Pete the lower ones. This strategy minimized disruption to the office's daily operations. The pre-cut film pieces expedited the installation, allowing us to complete the job within two hours. Notice the differences in the windows as they are being treated with XPEL Blend 7 Commercial Reflective Window Film:

4. Final Touches: After applying the film and using precise squeegee techniques to eliminate bubbles and ensure a smooth finish, we inspected our work. Pete performed a final check of the door edges and used multiple tools and techniques to properly dry edges. This helps to prevent any water from tracking back into the film and creating a ripple, lift, or peel. 

Outcome: The Power of Window Tint XPELs Heat

The immediate difference was noticeable. The business owner and employees experienced a significant reduction in heat and glare, improving comfort and reducing the load on their air conditioning system. The owner expressed his satisfaction, noting the immediate temperature difference and the film's effectiveness in reducing glare.

We restored the office to its original state, moving back all furniture and items. After a final walkthrough and approval from the business owner, we completed our project documentation and took photos of the finished work.

The Conclusion: Resounding Success!

This project highlights the effectiveness of window tinting as a solution for excessive heat and glare in commercial spaces. XPEL Blend 7 Commercial Window Film not only addressed the State Farm location's immediate issues but also promised long-term benefits in energy efficiency and comfort. With professional installation by our skilled Texas Tint Masters team, we ensured a seamless experience and outstanding results.

Pictured below is the verified Google Review from the State Farm Agent: 

For businesses facing similar challenges, window tinting offers a practical, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing solution. If you're looking to enhance your workspace's comfort and efficiency, consider the benefits of professional window tinting with XPEL Blend 7 Dual Reflective Commercial Window Film.


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