2023 Can-Am Defender Ceramic Tint Upgrade Results

2023 Can-Am Defender

The new Can-Am Defenders are versatile and robust utility vehicles designed to tackle a wide range of tasks and terrains. Built by BRP, a leading manufacturer in the powersports industry, the Defenders offer exceptional performance and durability. One of the key features of the Can-Am Defenders is their versatility.

They are designed to be highly adaptable, offering multiple seating configurations and storage options. The cargo bed at the rear can be transformed to suit different requirements, making it easier to transport tools, equipment, or supplies. Some models even feature a versatile Dual-Level cargo box system, allowing you to separate and secure different items.

The Problem With Can-Am Defenders

Can-Am Defenders have great all around visibility thanks to the glass it comes equipped with. However, this can create several problems like heat, glare, and NO PRIVACY! So it was brought into Texas Tint Masters in Houston, Texas, where we specialize in top-notch window tinting services for XPEL XR PLUS nano ceramic tint for Can-Am Defenders All Terrain Vehicles.

With hunting as the intended purpose for this brand new Can-Am Defender, we understand the need for a comfortable and cool cabin even during long hours in the sun. Our client requested maximum heat rejection and performance, and we delivered with the exceptional XPEL XR PLUS nano ceramic tint. Unlike regular tint, this tint is designed specifically for performance.

What is the difference between regular tint and nano ceramic tint? 

Why is Nano Ceramic Tint so effective?

It features special infrared blockers that target and block infrared light, the primary source of the sun's heat. This means you don't have to sacrifice visibility or go for a dark tint to enjoy the incredible heat-blocking properties of this film. We conducted a heat test using a heat lamp and a heat meter to compare the heat transmission through the clear stock glass and the tinted glass.

xpel xr plus window tint texas tint masters

XPEL XR PLUS nano ceramic tint significantly reduces the amount of heat entering the cabin by over 96%, ensuring a comfortable and strain-free experience for both you and your vehicle's AC system. At Texas Tint Masters, we use a computer cut system to precisely cut the tint on the computer, ensuring a perfect fit for your Can-Am Defender's windows without any risk of scratches.

We also installed a clear nano ceramic tint on this 2023 Can-Am Defender's full windshield. The main benefits is an increased heat filtration performance while remaining clear to the natural eye. 

Our multi-stage deep cleaning process guarantees spotless windows, and we provide a comprehensive heat test report to validate the superior heat rejection performance of the XPEL XR PLUS nano ceramic tint. If you're seeking the ultimate solution for heat reduction and enhanced comfort in your Can-Am Defender, visit texastintmasters.com to learn more about our professional window tinting services. SQUEEGEE THAT!