Honda CRV Gets Full Hood Protection

A Honda CRV was brought into our Houston location shop at Texas Tint Masters to receive a window tint and paint protection film installation package. 

We window tinted the front two doors with Ceramic Tint 30% to match the rear factory windows while keeping it legal in Houston, TX. Ceramic tint is a specialty tint designed for maximum heat rejection. After the installation of ceramic window tint in Houston, TX, we tested the glass and it metered at 93.8% of infrared heat rejection. 

The customer also wanted to protect his hood with XPEL Paint Protection Films in Houston, TX. We went with a full coverage hood to prevent any seams and/or lines that would normally expect from a partial front end. Covering the full hood allows for maximum protection from fading paint and highway debris. 

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The first step in ensuring that the surface is prepped and clean is using a clay bar to loosen and knock off any contaminants from the paint. This smoothens the surfaces so that the end product will be a super glossy mirror like finish on the paint. 

We then laid out the paint protection film in Houston, TX and stretched it in strategic ways so that the film is not compromised while still allowing it to be protected. 

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This mirror was a bit difficult because it has a split for the side marker light. For best fit, we decided to custom trim the piece to get maximum coverage and lifespan. 

Once everything was installed, we left the vehicle sitting in our shop to begin the drying and curing process. After about 3 hours of being in our shop, we moved it outside where it sat until the delivery. The end result—one happy customer, one protected car with XPEL Paint Protection Films in Houston, TX by Texas Tint Masters! 

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