The FIRST Thing You Must Do To Your New Car

It's called—Paint Protection Film. You may have heard of it before as "clear bra" and the newest versions of it are unbelievably impressive. 

What is Paint Protection Film (PPF)?

Also known as Clear Bra, Paint Protection Film (PPF) is an advanced protective film designed to preserve the color & integrity of your vehicle's paint & surfaces. It's virtually invisible, giving you the BEST PROTECTION you'll never see!

In Houston, climate and high traffic commutes can play a major role in the integrity, lifespan,  and look of your vehicle's surfaces such as paint, plastic trims, headlights, and interior. 

UV Light is the leading cause to fading paint, headlights, and plastics in Houston, TX. 

Ultra Violet Radiation (UV) is the leading cause to surfaces in homes such as floors, furniture, drapes, furnishings, etc. This also affects cars and automobiles in Houston, TX as well. With Texas being sunny, keeping your car's bright looking paints is a must if you want to preserve the aesthetics of it. XPEL Paint Protection Film in Houston, TX is also a UV protectant to your auto's surfaces. Protecting it from the rays that would normally break your car's surfaces down, PPF is the sacrificial layer protecting your car just like a Screen Protector on your phone! Except, this is more than a screen protector—way more. 

Modern Paint Protection Film has a Self-Healing Top Coat.

What does that mean? It means this film is made of unique materials that self heals light scratches & swirl marks restoring gloss and look of the vehicle's surface through heat such as sunlight. Watch our full YouTube video below to show a full demo of this incredible feature that you have to see to believe!

Over the years, car paint & surfaces will accumulate light scratches and swirls marks from everyday use, weekly car washes, and daily use. As the years pass, the light scratching will etch deeper into the top coat of the paint. At the same time, there's also UV light breaking down the pigment of your paint. 

With XPEL Paint Protection Films in Houston, TX on your car, this natural wear will be absorbed by the film to preserve your car's surfaces, keeping it looking new for years to come. 

Protection from High Way Rock Chips and Debris

Houston, TX is known for high traffic in highways. With it being a busy city as well, cars & trucks travel up and down the highway kicking up dust, debris, small pebbles, & rock chips. These chips can impact the front of your car causing the paint to chip and leaving blemishes on the paint. Adding paint protection film to your auto's surfaces helps to prevent permanent damage from rock chips in Houston, TX. 

Protection From Stains

Whether it's acids from bird poop, acid rain, graffiti, or some other liquid that happens to fall on your car paint, trust that it will be protected when it is coated with paint protection film. Paint Protection Film is made of unique materials that is hydrophobic and resistant to chemicals and stains. 

We tested this feature to its extremes—trial by fire! In this video below, our lead installer—The Texas Squeegee—uses Elon Musk's NOT A Flamethrower from The BORING Company to see how well XPEL Paint Protection Films holds up in Houston, TX. Is it fire resistant? Absolutely. 

Offered in Different Packages of Levels of Protection

There are several ways you can get XPEL Paint Protection Films in Houston, TX. The basic starter package is doing small key areas only such headlights, door cups, door edges, etc. 

The Partial Front End Package: this is a budget friendly package that has the film installed in the full front bumper, partial front fenders and partial front hood. Depending on the type of vehicle, partial coverage on your hood and fenders can rage from 18"-24". 

Full Front End Package: this is one of the most common and recommended packages to get. It typically covers the full front bumper, full front hood, full front fenders, headlights, and mirrors. Basically, the whole front end which is what normally takes up most of the impact. 

Full Coverage Vehicle: This is the maximum protection package that covers an entire vehicle allowing for full maximum protection across the whole vehicle. 

If you are in Houston, TX and needing to get XPEL Paint Protection Film installed, request a quote today with Texas Tint Masters!