Is Ceramic Tint better than Dealership Tint?

Is Ceramic Tint better than Dealership Tint?

Okay! So let’s get down to it. To best understand the true differences between ceramic window tint and dealership window tint, let’s begin with the simple question:

What is Ceramic Tint?

Ceramic Tint is an advanced type of window tint designed for maximum heat and UV protection. It’s main difference between a regular, entry level type of window tint is its performance when it comes to blocking sunlight heat. On average, ceramic tint can block 2-3 times more heat than “regular tint”, also known as regular dyed window tint. 

Ceramic window tint is much more effective for heat protection because of the way it targets heat. Designed to target and block infrared light though special infrared blockers in the film’s layers, ceramic window tint is the best choice in window tinting for achieving maximum heat reduction entering the cab of a car. 

Most solar heat comes in the form of infrared light. 

Most of the heat that the sun emits is through the form of infrared light. In total, infrared radiation makes up 49.4% of total solar energy while visible light accounts for about 42.4% and Ultra Violet (UV) making up 8%.

Since ceramic tint is designed to target infrared light, it does not have to be dark to be effective. Clear ceramic window tint is much more effective for heat control than the dark regular “dyed” window tint as demonstrated in the video below. 

What is Dealership Tint?

Okay this is where there’s a few variables we have to consider. Main one being that “dealership tint” is not an actual technical type of window tint and it does not reflect what every dealership will use. In this context, it is more loosely used to describe the type of window tint that is mostly expected to be installed at a dealership.

Traditional window tint is the regular dyed tint that has existed for the longest time. It is more known as privacy tint because it is great for darkening windows but when it comes to heat protection—not the best choice for window tint for cars and vehicles. 

Often times, a dealership will outsource window tint to an independent installer or company based on price and bottom line profits. Ceramic tint is NOT a product that you will want to price shop because of its difficulty in confirming whether it truly is ceramic without the use of special testers and meters.

At Texas Tint Masters, we commonly see many new vehicles off the lot brought to our facility for testing only to determine that the price tag of the window tint resembles a ceramic tint purchase, however the performance and heat protection does not reflect the price. 

For example, an independent retail shop can charge you $350 for two windows with Ceramic Tint while a dealership may charge around the same price for an entry level film. The main difference will be the performance and heat protection that the ceramic window tint will offer that a traditional entry level dyed window tint will not. 

In this particular case, we took in an Infitini sedan that was equipped with window tint from the dealership. The owner of the vehicle replaced the dealership window tint for two reasons: They wanted darker windows and they wanted better heat protection. 

At 1:31 of the video “Ceramic Tint vs Dealership Tint”, The Texas Squeegee performs a comparison heat test with both types of film using a 250 watt infrared light and a BTU meter to measure the amount of heat/energy emitted from the light. 

houston window tinting dealership tint vs ceramic window tint in houston nano ceramic window tint heat test

The numbers indicate British Thermal Units, a type of unit used to measure thermal energy also known as heat.

We can clearly see that the amount of heat being reduced is much more in the nano ceramic window tint. With a drastic reduction in heat being transferred into the cab, the air conditioning system is now more efficient in cooling the overall temperature. Less heat entering the cab means less power needed to control the climate. Less heat entering the cab also means the system can reach cooler temperatures in the cab. Ceramic window tint is insulation for your glass!

Ceramic Tint vs Dealership Tint Conclusion

To recap, the MAIN difference is heat protection! Using an advanced nano ceramic window tint will reduce the heat much more effectively through the use of infrared blockers in the film. At Texas Tint Masters, we commonly use this type of film to successfully make windows much more energy efficient and protect drivers from cancer causing UV Rays. For more information on how window tint can protect you from UV Rays, visit:

If you are in Houston, TX and would like to service your vehicle with Texas Tint Masters, contact us here!

Texas Tint Masters is a window tinting company based in Houston,TX. We specialize in energy efficient window tinting for cars, homes, offices, & businesses. From clear window tinting, to reflective, privacy, & decorative window tinting, we are here to help people with solar & energy efficiency solutions. 

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