TRIPLE TROUBLE: How XPEL Commercial Window Films Solved The Impossible by Texas Tint Masters

The Texas Tint Masters team embarked on an exciting journey to revamp the space of a newly purchased car wash business! Beyond the typical facelift, they wanted to address key concerns: heat, privacy, and aesthetics.


This is where Texas Tint Masters comes in with the help of XPEL Commercial Window Films, the industry leader in architectural solar protective window films. With their innovative solutions and product variety, we found the perfect blend of style and functionality. Let’s dive right into it! 

The first challenge was to tackle the issue of privacy for the back area administrative offices. The clear glass discomforted staff members due to the lack of privacy from passing traffic but also added to the strain on the air conditioning system.


To combat this, we opted for XPEL Blend 7 Dual Reflective Commercial Window Films , renowned for its exceptional heat rejection properties. This choice not only improved the comfort of customers and staff but also contributed to energy savings by reducing the reliance on cooling systems. The “dual reflective” properties allow the film to be reflective on the exterior while adding a neutral “non-reflective” layer on the interior of the window film to preserve optical clarity seeing towards the outside. 

Total Privacy in Showroom Area

Full privacy in the showroom was another crucial factor in the redesign process but needed to be different than the administrative offices. The car wash manager wanted to shield the dividing glass between showroom and automated car wash without compromising on natural light. Once the car wash is open for business, water splash, soap smears, and residual spray will be coating the windows leaving dirty looking streaks AT ALL TIMES. To prevent this from diminishing the overall appearance of the showroom, a window film was needed to provide full privacy without darkening the room.  

What is the best commercial window film for total privacy while keeping natural light? 

Enter XPEL Frost Window Film, a subtle yet effective solution. Unlike traditional opaque window films that darken the room to achieve a “privacy” effect, XPEL Frost Window Films provide the perfect balance, obscuring the view while maintaining a bright and airy atmosphere. It was the ideal choice for maintaining privacy without sacrificing aesthetics. 

XPEL Frost Window Films provide an excellent solution for the unique requests of “privacy without dark” requests in commercial window films. Opposite to this side is the rest of the showroom which required yet a DIFFERENT set of solutions.


A semi clear commercial window film that is an effective solution against heat? 

 That's where XPEL Clearview Ceramic 35 came into play. With its advanced ceramic technology, this film not only minimized heat penetration but also maintained crystal-clear visibility. It was the perfect solution for areas where natural light was desired but excessive heat was not.

However, selecting the right film was just the beginning. We wanted to ensure our client had a firsthand experience of the transformative power of XPEL films. During the in-person consultation, we installed samples of each film, allowing the client to see and feel the difference for themselves. This hands-on approach not only instilled confidence in their choices but also reinforced our commitment to delivering results tailored to their specific needs.

As the remodeling journey nears its completion, the car wash owner couldn't be happier with the results. The combination of XPEL Blend 7, XPEL Frost Window Film, and XPEL Clearview Ceramic 35 has not only enhanced the functionality of the space but also elevated its aesthetics. Customers now enjoy a cooler, more private environment, while the car wash itself exudes a modern and sophisticated charm. 

In the world of car wash remodeling, it's not just about washing away dirt—it's about creating an experience. With XPEL commercial window films, we've not only transformed a space but also elevated an experience through the wonderful benefits of commercial window films by Texas Tint Masters — SQUEEGEE THAT!

In the world of car wash remodeling, it's not just about washing away dirt—it's about creating an. With XPEL films, we've not only transformed a space but also elevated an experience, one tint at a time.

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  • Marco Cazorla

    Way to provide a solution for the end consumer, Carlos, and your entire staff. On behalf of XPEL, we thank you for being a great ambassador for the brand.

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