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Welcome back to another exciting blog post brought to you by Texas Tint Masters! Today, we have an exciting project to show to our readers of a new home in Houston Texas! Check out our blog post below for more details on how we transformed this home with Ceramic Window Tint using XPEL’s Dark Neutral 15! 



Our team at Texas Tint Masters got a "tinteresting" inquiry from a new homeowner in Houston, Texas. They were making the big move to Houston and were in LOVE with their new home, but the presenting issue was that summers in Texas are brutally HOT.

The new homeowners, hailing from the East Coast, were already well-acquainted with Texas Tint Masters through our YouTube channel. Recognizing the quality of our work, they promptly reached out to us via our website's lead form to request a quote for their new residence in Houston's Rice Village area.

Our Texas Tint Masters team engaged with them swiftly, prepared to meet their specific needs. The primary objective was to address the intense summer heat while maintaining the home’s modern aesthetic. Additionally, the Houston homeowners sought aesthetically pleasing, neutral shades for their windows that would offer excellent daytime privacy and heat insulation. 

We proposed a tailored solution that not only enhances comfort by rejecting heat but also complements the contemporary design of their new home. This solution effectively balances functionality with style, ensuring a comfortable and private living environment.


XPEL Dark Neutral 15 is our recommended solution for homeowners looking for exceptional Heat Rejection, Glare Reduction, and Privacy while maintaining a natural and neutral appearance — especially in HOA (Home Owner's Association) areas. This multi-layered neutral non-reflective film not only provides superior functionality but also offers a sophisticated neutral shaded look that enhances the aesthetic appeal of any home. Dark Neutral 15 is praised for its versatility, while also being compatible with both single and double-paned windows, making it a popular choice among homeowners.

Safety Is Our #1 Priority!

At Texas Tint Masters, we prioritize the safety and protection of your home during the installation process. We take great care to ensure that your home is safeguarded from any effects of the installation process. During Houston window films installation, our team uses large towels and floor covers to prevent any overspray water damage to your floors, and utilizes a sturdy scaffolding system in order to reach those high windows when needed.

As our skilled installers prepare the area and begin the tinting process, the difference in glare reduction is immediately noticeable. XPEL Dark Neutral 15 is a line of residential grade window film that provides amazing privacy and glare reduction by reflecting the glare and heat outside without making the window bright reflective like a traditional mirror window.

Homes with Dark Neutral 15 installed demonstrate significantly reduced glare compared to those without, creating a more comfortable and visually appealing environment.

The exceptional performance of XPEL Dark Neutral 15 is evident in the results of the installation. This Houston homeowner has experienced the benefits of phenomenal heat rejection, amazing glare reduction, and increased privacy with the installation of this film. Texas Tint Masters is proud to have played a role in providing TINTifying experience for this homeowner, showcasing the power of quality window tinting.


In conclusion, XPEL Dark Neutral 15 by Texas Tint Masters stands out as a top choice for homeowners seeking a reliable and efficient window tinting solution. With its unmatched heat rejection, glare reduction, and privacy-enhancing properties, this film offers both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Texas Tint Masters' commitment to quality and customer satisfaction ensures a smooth and safe installation process, delivering exceptional results that elevate the comfort and beauty of your home.

If you have a home and are interested in taking advantages of the same benefits and solutions like this home, fill out the form below and our team will be happy to help you!



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