Dark Neutral 15: The Podium Houston Porsche

The Podium is a stylish yet comfortable Houston coffee bar right next to the Porsche Dealership in River Oaks. Texas Tint Masters was called to take care of their concerns with the best way we knew how - through tint! Through the power of XPEL’s multifaceted multi-layered non reflective film Dark Neutral, we can take a quick peek on the installation process of installing tint with us at Texas Tint Masters.

Heat and MASSIVE Glare—HELP! 

Houston Commercial Window Tint Film Texas Tint Masters Dark Neutral 14 XPEL

Do you see how the sun is shining straight through the glass here? 

A problem that our Houston friends at The Podium presented was that these huge windows were creating too much glare for not only their employees during sunset, but also their customers who seek comfort in the space. The huge windows are just taking in a lot of that natural heat from the sun, so anyone in the building during peak hours become uncomfortable to do anything inside the coffee bar. 

Houston Commercial Window Tint Film Texas Tint Masters Dark Neutral 14 XPEL

XPEL’s Dark Neutral 15 Commercial Window Film is a multi-layered non-reflective film that has been an extremely popular solution for heat, glare, and privacy challenges. This unique film combines the high energy efficiency of a reflective film with the aesthetics of a neutral film. A great solution where a highly reflective look is NOT desired. The Podium decided on specifically Dark Neutral 15, which has the amazing specifications of 70% heat rejection, 99% UV protection, and an 86% glare reduction. Dark Neutral 15 is certainly the ideal window tint film for The Podium’s Houston customers and staff members.

Ready, Set—TINT! The Installation Process

Texas Tint Masters is widely known for our optimistic and helpful staff, but also for our meticulous and professional service and installation process. By being throughout and detail-oriented, this provides optimized and professional quality results for any installation.

Houston Commercial Window Tint Film Texas Tint Masters Dark Neutral 14 XPEL
  1. Our installers immediately inspect the site for any details that are necessary to ensure the best quality installation. Using our personal database for note-taking, the Texas Tint Masters installers notate any pre-existing damage or scratches that show up on the glass. Once they are done taking notes, the installers will start laying out towels and any protective covers so the floors do not receive any water or equipment damage.
  2. The next step in an amazing Texas Tint Masters installation process is the required multi stage deep cleaning process. You might have seen in our videos, but to recap on what it is: Our installers will deep stage clean the glass before providing any installation of the tint to ensure the glass is stripped of contaminants, which in turn leaves for a long lasting and clean installation.
  3. Installers at Texas Tint Masters are trained with the finest techniques with state of the art tools and resources to ensure your home or business is installed to a superb standard. Tint is custom cut to fit the specific dimensions of the glass to ensure a form fit that will show the true integrity of the installation throughout the years.
  4. Once the installation is complete, the Texas Tint Masters carry out a post-interior window cleanup, making sure that the glass and the space is as spotless as it can be. The last thing a client would like to do is to clean-up after receiving a service, and our installers will make sure they won’t have to!

Houston Commercial Window Tint Film Texas Tint Masters Dark Neutral 14 XPEL

Final Result
The Podium is located in Houston’s sophisticated and popularized neighborhoods, and now the tint really does reflect that sentiment! Now both customers and staff of The Podium are able to enjoy the ensured sense of enhanced privacy, the soothing feel of the heat rejection, and the muted yet neutral tones of the aesthetics from the tint.

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  • Marco Cazorla

    Great work TTM team!
    Way to provide your customer a solution against glare and heat from the sun!

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