How to add INSTANT Privacy To Your Home

One of the most efficient ways to add instant privacy to your home windows is by adding home window tint designed for privacy. Privacy Home Window Tint is commonly used for home owners who need solar solutions when experiencing excessive heat entering the home windows, excessive glare, and UV light fading floors & furniture. Texas Tint Masters of Houston helped this Houston home owner by applying XPEL's VISION One Way Window Film. 

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Privacy Home Window Tint: One Way Film

One Way Window Tint for Homes is a type of window film designed to offer privacy from the exterior. The home window film's design is created so that the exterior view of the home looking in shows a natural reflective look while preserving the interior view towards the outside of the home as much as possible. 

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The darker films offer greater glare reduction as well. Excessive glare in a home can occur especially in windows that face east or west, leaving them vulnerable to the sun during sun rise hours, and sun set hours. 

One Way privacy home window tint can reduce up to 88% of solar heat entering through the windows. By reducing the amount of heat entering through the glass, the home is able to remain at a lower temperature, preventing the air conditioning system to over work itself. 

Booking a Free Home Window Tinting Consultation

We were contacted by the Houston home owner using our easy Contact Form available on our website. Our front desk followed up to schedule a free consultation with one of our Houston Home Window Tinting Experts. We provided free film samples to hang on the windows for visual reference during both day and night to ensure total satisfaction with the films. 

We also provided a customized folder specifically designed for the Houston home owner that stores real case studies from jobs we have previously worked on and how they have benefitted from Houston Window Tinting. 

An official upfront quote was immediately provided for and an appointment was set for installation within a couple of days. We provide the official quote through an online link which shows the exact out the door pricing and additional information regarding the type of window film that will be used. 

Day of Home Window Tint Installation

Our technicians arrived during the one hour window we provided to the home owner. The preparation for home window tinting involves covering floors and window sills to protect them from water damage during the window tinting installation. Our technicians take meticulous care of surroundings of the windows to prevent any damages or accidents. 

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Placing cloth drops on the floors also help protect flooring from any scratches. This level of attention to detail is one of the hallmarks of why our company is highly reputable for home window tinting. 

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Does home window tint really make a difference?

In this short video, we show how home window tinting can drastically reduce the amount of heat coming in. While our installers were working on the home, we took a video of a window that was clear, and a window that was treated with home window tint. The results showed a drastic drop in the amount of solar energy coming in the home. 

Using this Solar Power Meter, we demonstrated how effective having window film on home windows can drastically improve the efficiency of the windows. The higher numbers on the meter indicates more solar energy entering through the glass, the lower numbers mean less solar energy entering the home.  

 The Conclusion: Privacy & Heat Protection Results

The Houston home owner was pleased with our work on the windows. They were seeking total privacy, heat reduction, & UV protection. We used XPEL's VISION One Way Mirror Film to achieve these incredible results. With this type of film you too can enjoy the great benefits this residential home window film has to offer. 

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The exterior view of this type of film is an elegant reflective look that achieves total privacy. The One Way mirror refers to the exterior having a bright reflective appearance while the interior is designed to maximize clarity that preserves the the view from the interior of the home. 

houston home window tint texas tint masters xpel vision one way tint film

This type of film is also designed to withstand years and years of solar exposure. It resists changing colors, bubbling, and peeling keeping this expense a one time investment backed by XPEL's Residential Lifetime Warranty.

Contact us today and see how we can improve your daily home living through home window tinting in Houston, TX! 


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