How To Reduce UV & Glare In Your Home

Houston Homes with lots of windows allow for lots of natural light to come in the home giving it an open space feel and allowing lots of great views to the outside. It is one of the many desired features Houston home owners seek when buying new homes.  

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However, with many large home windows come many challenges. Sunlight entering the home can create an issue with a large amount of glare bouncing off TV Screens, phones, due to the bright sunlight.

This can be especially problematic if you have a home that has windows that face East or West. As the sun rises and sets, it points directly into the home windows, blasting bright glares & Ultra Violet rays into your home that can cause a discomfort.

Why does home floors & furniture fade? 

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UVA and UVB Rays from sunlight affect the pigments on your surfaces, causing them to fade over time through solar exposure. There are several ways to protect against this. 

Home: Shades vs Window Tint

One of them are solar/roller shades. While window shades and shudders are great for protecting your interior, they completely block sunlight which also blocks your views to the outside of your home. 

The best way to protect your home interiors from fading is by stopping the UV at the glass—BEFORE it enters the home. Window film is designed to block and filter out 99.9% of UV Rays. 

Applying home window tint film to your glass will also help preserve your shades & shudders from UV Damage as well.

Does home window tint block UV Rays?

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Absolutely! Any type of window film will block UV Rays whether it is clear, reflective, or dark. Home and residential Window Tint Film is designed to block out large amounts of Heat & UV without affecting the look and clarity of your glass making it an excellent choice when solar protection is needed without changing the look of the glass. 

The Consultation

This Houston home owner reached out to us because they were having lots of bright solar glare coming into the home when the sun was setting, causing discomfort. After a brief demonstration with multiples types of window film, we concluded that the best type of film was XPEL's VISION Daylight 35.

This film is designed to target solar glare, heat, & UV Rays making it the perfect choice when wanting to reduce glare without changing the look of your glass. 

Home Window Tint Film Installation

We scheduled them for an installation within a week of the initial contact. Our best practices include covering your Houston Home floors to prevent any scratches & scuffs from any step ladders our installers may need to use. 

houston home window tinting best tint shop in houston

Next, we covered any window frames to prevent any water damage drips during the installation process. The final trimming process is performed by a master technician trained to in the art of window films to trim the film as close to the edge as safely possible. 

Home Window Film Conclusion

Houston Home Window Tinting Best Tint shop in Houston Texas Tint Masters

The final result was a window tint film treated glass that added privacy, heat & UV protection to this Houston Home serviced by Texas Tint Masters. The installation time was completed within 2 hours and provided the Houston Home owner with a Lifetime Warranty.

If you own in a Home in Texas and would like to get your windows treated with home & residential window film, contact us today for your FREE Consultation! 

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