Houston Theft: Solar & Security Tint XPEL 8 Mil Helps

Help! Somebody broke into my small business and I don't know what to do!

If it has never happened to you, consider yourself very lucky. However for the unfortunate residents and business owners in Houston that have experienced a business break in in Houston, TX—the feeling of insecurity as you close your small Houston business for the night can create massive levels of anxiety for business owners in Houston, TX. 

Alchemy Med Spa, a small Houston business, had a recent break-in in a Houston Shopping Center. The burglars originally attempted to access the inside of this Houston building through the front entrance door as evidenced in the video/picture. You can see the impact spots on the glass. Entrance doors are a high target access point for many Houston small commercial businesses .

houston security commercial tint film texas tint wiz xpel 8 mil silver 15

However, once the burglars failed to access the entrance door , they moved on to shatter a bigger piece of glass and gained immediate access to the building. 

houston business break-in burglary crime texas tint masters alchemy med spa

They then proceeded to steal merchandise and fled before law enforcement was able to arrive.

A key factor in the entire situation? Time. 

A break-in occurs every 26 seconds in the US. This adds up to 2.5 million break-ins every year, with more than half of those burglaries occurring in homes. 


While windows are great for open visibility and offer lots of natural sunlight to pass through, they are also a common target and instant immediate access point for burglars in Houston, TX. 

houston security tint film commercial window tint in houston burglar protection

Natural glass offers very little impact protection. Within seconds, a person can access your valuables in your small Houston business and cause thousands of dollars in damage and expenses. 

How to Protect Businesses Against Theft & Burglary Attempts:

There are many measures of security an entrepreneur can take however, Houston business owners are taking new precautionary measures against theft & burglary through the use of a special grade Security Tint designed to strengthen windows. 

 What is Security Tint? 

Security Tint is a SUPER thick tint that can be 4-8 times thicker than regular tint. It comes in a variety of different thickness levels that offer a wide range of tensile strength that fit different situations and protection requirements. 


houston commercial window tint xpel residential home tint texas tint masters 

To properly maximize its strength and purpose, an attachment system is installed on the perimeter of the glass. This anchors the security tint film to the framing of the window. Now this is SUPER important because this is what will help to prevent the glass from being pushed through. 

How does Security Tint work? 

Security tint is equipped with a high tack SUPER STRONG glue which helps to hold the glass together when it is shattered due to impact which can come from storms or from other people.

If the impact is enough to shatter the glass, the security tint film helps to hold the glass together so that it doesn’t shatter and fall through.  

There are several types of security tint that offer different types of solutions. Clear Security films are strictly for security glass strength purposes ONLY. They are virtually undetectable and invisible to the eye however they offer NO heat protection. 

This is a great solution for the property owner who only seeks to add strength and a measure of security to your windows with very minimal alterations to the existing aesthetics of the glass. 

Solar + Security Properties in ONE PRODUCT! 

An upgrade from Clear Security Tint Film is a Solar & Security Tint Film because it combines benefits into one product. This type of tint offers the same type of strength and security that a traditional clear security tint film does BUT it’s combined with a solar film which adds privacy & energy efficiency to your glass w/ security properties. 

Solar & Security Tint combines all of the best elements & solutions that other popular films have to offer into one budget friendly, extremely valuable solution. 

For example, in this project, we installed XPEL’s 8 Mil Silver 15 Solar & Security Tint Film. So—what does all this mean? Let’s break it down. 

8 Mil Security Tint: Security Feature

8 Mil refers to the THICKNESS of the security tint film. For comparison, traditional home solar tint is usually 1.5 Mil. The thicker the film, the greater the strength. Security films start at 4 Mil thickness and are available up to 14 Mil. 

Silver 15 Tint: Solar Feature

“Silver” refers to the color & type of film while the “15” refers to its Visible Light Transmitted (VLT) or the darkness of the film. The combination of these two features work in harmony to block heat transmission by 79%. The silver in the film creates a bright shiny exterior which has a reflective privacy effect that allows for day time privacy (& night time so long as the light balance is brighter on the exterior of the building). 

Did you know? UV Protection Helps To Prevent Fading of Floors & Merchandise

floor fading xpel commercial security tint film houston texas tint masters prevent carpet

XPEL’s Solar & Security Film 8 Mil Silver 15 is also equipped with a UV layer in the film which offers UV protection through the glass. According to Library of Congress:

Ultraviolet rays are one of the leading causes of fading because they can break down chemical bonds and fade the color in an object. Other major contributors to fading include visible light and solar heat.”

You can read more about it here: 


Fading to furnishings & interior are caused by solar exposure. Installing a Solar Security film not only strengthens your windows but also protects any floors & furnishings against fading. Here’s what the effects of unprotected solar exposure causes in an example we have experienced:


Security Attachment System Reinforces Tinted Glass

In order to fully maximize the security tint on the windows, an attachment system is required to strengthen the bond from the tinted glass to the frame of the window. 

Enter DOW 995! A DOW 995 attachment system is a thick elastomeric adhesive specifically formulated for silicone structural glazing and ensures excellent unprimed adhesion to most building substrates.

houston commercial security tint dow 995 residential home tint

Basically, this is a caulk-like substance that “grabs” the tinted glass to the frame. The film on the glass gives the window strength to hold together during impact; however in order to help prevent the window from being pushed “through”, this attachment system bonds the edges of the window to the frame for additional strength & security. 

Once applied it starts to harden rather quickly however it can take between 24 hours to 72 hours for full adhesion to take effect and here’s how it looks when installed properly. 

Value Meets Efficiency & Protection w/ 8 Mil Silver 15 Solar Security Window Film

commercial security tint film houston window tint burglar protection

The end result is a fully protected Houston Commercial Business with Solar & Security Tint that offers heat rejection, energy efficiency, privacy, UV Protection, & security. This is a Houston Security Tint product with a projected lifespan of 10-15 years by Industry Professional accounts. 

houston commercial window tint security xpel texas tint masters

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