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SunState Rental Equipment Company: Enhancing Comfort with XPEL Blend 7 Reflective Commercial Window Film

Today, we’re excited to share our latest project at SunState Rental Equipment Company, where we installed XPEL Blend 7 commercial reflective window film. This project addressed several needs: heat reduction, glare control, UV protection, and enhanced privacy.

The Perfect Choice: XPEL Blend 7 Reflective Commercial Window Film

SunState Rental Equipment Company required a window film that not only tackled the practical issues of heat and glare but also complemented the aesthetics of their building. We opted for XPEL Blend 7 dual reflective commercial window film due to its darker tone, which seamlessly blends with the building’s exterior without creating an obtrusive reflective appearance. This film is particularly effective against the brick backdrop of the building. 


Unique Features of XPEL Blend 7 Commercial Window Film


What sets XPEL Blend 7 Reflective Commercial Window Film apart is its dual-tone design. From the inside, it has a neutral layer that maintains clarity, allowing occupants to see out. From the outside, it appears reflective, bouncing back solar energy to keep indoor spaces cooler. This dual functionality is essential for maintaining comfort and energy efficiency in commercial settings.


Demonstrating the Reflective Advantage

To illustrate the film’s effectiveness, we demonstrated how sunlight reflects off the surface. Standing outside, you can see the solar energy being deflected right off the film, which significantly reduces the amount of heat entering the building. This feature is crucial for keeping indoor temperatures down, especially during the hot summer months.


Comparing Tinted and Non-Tinted Windows


We also compared non-tinted glass with the XPEL Blend 7 Reflective Commercial Window Tinted Film version. The factory smoked glass on non-tinted windows was less effective in controlling heat and glare. The tinted version, with Blend 7 reflective commercial window film applied, offered a subtle increase in reflection without drastically altering the window's appearance. This balance of aesthetics and functionality makes Blend 7 a popular choice among our clients.

Tailoring Solutions to Client Needs

For this project, we collaborated closely with the SunState team. David, one of the main contacts, needed a solution that offered privacy for his office, which faces into the shop. He preferred a mirror-like reflective film for maximum privacy. After showing him Blend 7, he was satisfied with its performance and appearance. For the rest of the office, we worked with Richelle to explore options that would effectively reduce heat and glare without darkening the windows too much. Ceramic films were also considered due to their excellent heat rejection properties.

Project Execution and Client Satisfaction

The installation process was straightforward but meticulous. Our installer, Pete, ensured each window received a double pass to remove excess water and achieve a flawless finish. The tight gaps and the door, which required extra attention due to moisture near the bar, were handled with care. We discussed the curing process with the manager, ensuring all expectations were met.

Overall, the project was a success, enhancing both the comfort and appearance of SunState Rental Equipment Company’s offices. The XPEL Blend 7 film not only met their practical needs but also provided a sleek, modern look that integrated perfectly with their building.

Looking Forward

We are thrilled with the outcome of this project and look forward to helping more businesses improve their environments with our high-quality window films. If you’re considering window tinting for your commercial space, contact us to learn more about how we can tailor our solutions to meet your specific needs.

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