Commercial Window Tint Transforms Houston Dental Office

Not All Commercial Films Are Built The Same

At Sunny Dental in Houston, Texas, Texas Tint Masters recently completed a remarkable commercial window tinting project. The previous worn-out window tint was replaced with XPEL's Dark Neutral multi-layered non-reflective film. This blog post explores the challenges faced with the old tint, the benefits of the new film, and the meticulous installation process carried out by Texas Tint Masters™.

The Need for Replacement: The old commercial window tint at Sunny Dental had become hazy, obstructing the view both inside and outside the building. Additionally, the adhesive had deteriorated due to sun exposure, causing the tint to shift and impair its performance. Glare reduction was inadequate, straining the eyes of those inside the building by the excessive brightness of the film. It was clear that a replacement was necessary to address these issues effectively. 

texas tint masters removing commercial window film

Introducing the New Non-Reflective Film: To enhance the appearance and performance of the windows, Sunny Dental opted for a neutral multi-layered non-reflective film called XPEL Dark Neutral 15 (DN15). This unique film combines the aesthetic appeal of non-reflective tints with the functionality of traditional mirrored or reflective films. With a remarkable 70% heat rejection, 99% UV protection, and an 86% glare reduction, this film promises improved comfort and visibility for Sunny Dental's staff and patients.

this is a picture glare reduction films at sunny dental by texas tint masters. 

The Installation Process: Texas Tint Masters meticulously executed the installation process to ensure optimal results. Here is an overview of their approach:

  1. Assessment and Preparations: The team conducted a thorough assessment of the building, noting any existing damages or scratches on the glass. To protect the work area, towels were laid out, covering floors and sensitive equipment to prevent water damage.

  2. Multi-Stage Deep Cleaning: A crucial step in achieving a strong bond between the film and glass involved a comprehensive multi-stage deep cleaning process. This ensured that the glass was stripped of any contaminants, guaranteeing a long-lasting installation.

  3. Precision Film Installation: Cutting-edge techniques were employed to ensure precise fitting of the film on each window. Every piece was custom-cut to match the specific dimensions of the glass, ensuring a flawless fit that would maintain its integrity over time.

  4. Post-Installation Cleanup: After the film was successfully installed, Texas Tint Masters carried out a post-interior window cleaning, leaving the windows spotless. This attention to detail spared the client the hassle of additional cleanup. 


The Results: The transformation was remarkable. The new neutral non-reflective film offered both enhanced privacy, heat rejection, glare reduction and improved aesthetics for Sunny Dental. From the inside, staff and patients could still enjoy the view outside, while from the outside, prying eyes were unable to see in.


Texas Tint Masters successfully revitalized Sunny Dental's windows with their expertise in commercial window tinting. By replacing the old, worn-out tint with a state-of-the-art neutral non-reflective film, they provided significant benefits in terms of heat rejection, UV protection, and glare reduction. With their meticulous installation process, Texas Tint Masters delivered outstanding results, ensuring a lasting and visually appealing solution for Sunny Dental.

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