University of Houston—gets 88% heat reduced with Clear Ceramic Tint!

It's not everyday we get a call to window tint the Dean's office from University of Houston! We were very honored to have been chosen as the University of Houston's Window Tinting Company to address a very real concern regarding climate control—HEAT! 

The Consultation

The process began with a simple filling of our online quotes request for Office Window Tinting in Houston, TX. We followed with a short phone call to get more information about the project and desired outcome and scheduling a FREE consultation.

When speaking with the coordinator of University of Houston for this project, they expressed that they had existing roller shades on every window of the Houston office however it was still heating up in the mornings with the sun being directly coming into the office. 

We reviewed a few options and left the office with a few samples of the film so that they can hang and get a real feel and view of the day and night look of the film on the glass.

Changing the look of the glass was not something that they wanted, they were looking for a type of window film that was great for heat control but added no color or darkness to the window. Therefore, we went with Commercial Ceramic Window Tinting! 

Clear Ceramic Window Film Tint is the best choice in Houston for home & office window because it is able to filter heat from the sunlight without changing the look of the glass. It works more effectively than just having roller shades on because the film stops the heat at the glass before it enters the room—roller shades does not. 

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Our Installation Process

Our installation process revolves around quality in the details from start to finish while protecting the floors & surroundings of the window. We started by laying down towels to protect the floors from scratching and water damage as we install the window film. We also deep cleaned the glass to loosen any debris and contaminants that built up throughout the years. We then followed with a light scrub around the edges of the window so that it breaks up any further contamination. Once the film is installed, we run towels to soak up any residual moisture on the glass and begin the curing process.

Fresh window tinting installations will have small water beads on the window that is called residual moisture. It is normal to see these water beads and will completely dry between 4 to 6 weeks depending on the weather and exposure to sun.

Final Results & Effects

The added benefit of this Houston window tinting installation on this office is that the ceramic window film has a 99.9% UV Protection as well that will extend the life of the roller shades from becoming faded and brittle from UV Exposure. 

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UV light is the leading cause to fading and solar damage to floors, furniture, paintings, & furnishing in Houston, TX. The results we achieved for this Houston Office were massive—reducing solar energy & heat by 88%

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The end result was greater temperature consistency with the glass and throughout the room now that is insulated with Clear Ceramic Window Tinting by Texas Tint Masters. 

If you are experiencing issues with your glass such as heat, UV Protection, Safety and Security, privacy—give Texas TINT Masters a call and get TINTIFIED today! 

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