XPEL BLEND 7 Commercial Window Films: FRESH-Pak Houston Freshens Up

PRIVACY, HEAT REJECTION, GLARE: XPEL Blend 7 Commercial Window Film provides a unique blend of solutions that combine the best of multiple worlds. Let's take a dive below and find out why! 

At Texas Tint Masters, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch window tinting solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of Texas businesses. Recently, we completed a rewarding project at a commercial building using XPEL Blend Dual Reflective 7 window film. Here’s a detailed look at how we transformed this space to enhance both comfort and privacy.

PICTURED: The building's entrance windows prior to receiving commercial window films treatment. See how you can see through the glass?

Understanding the Building Manager's Needs

When we first engaged with the building manager, they expressed that their primary concerns were heat rejection and glare reduction. The building, being new, faced significant issues with morning sun blasting through the front entrance, causing the office to heat up uncomfortably. Additionally, the existing paper blinds were insufficient, as they only addressed heat after it had already passed through the glass.

PICTURE: Morning sun glares into the building creating a heat build-up that the air conditioning system cannot keep up with. 

SITE VISIT: The Consultation Process 

During our free site visit consultation, we encountered a previous attempt to tint the windows from an alternative source using automotive window film on dual-pane tempered glass, which poses a HUGE RISK due to potential damage to the frame and seals of the window that cause seal failure. Seal failure occurs when the seal of the double pane window has a leak causing the window to fog or have a hazy dusty look within the panes. Seal failure cannot be repaired, only replaced. 

PICTURE: Bronze film (on left) vs Automotive Limo Film (on right) — not by us. 

Why were these films not ideal for this building? 

Easy. Bronze films are great for heat rejection but they have a high interior reflectivity which hinders its visibility towards the outside, especially in evening times. The automotive film pictured on the right is a privacy film that offers minimal IR Heat Rejection (about 8%). Although it is dark, it will not make a difference in heat insulation because most of the sun's heat is from infrared light, not visible light.

We took this opportunity to educate the building manager about the importance of using the right film for different types of glass, emphasizing the benefits and suitability of XPEL Blend Dual Reflective 7 for commercial and industrial buildings. For this, we referenced our Film Compatibility Chart provided by XPEL. 

Choosing the Right Film

The building manager had seen buildings with privacy-based window films and was interested in similar results. However, she had no strong preference between mirror reflective and non-reflective Houston Commercial Window Films. After discussing the pros and cons of each, we highlighted that XPEL Blend Dual Reflective 7 provides excellent heat rejection, glare reduction, and enhanced privacy without compromising on aesthetics.

Reflective Commercial Window Films tend to offer superior heat rejection and thermal insulation than alternative commercial window films because of its reflective exterior. This reflective layer is designed to reflect energy, allowing it to dissipate as the sun continues to shine on the glass resulting in a drastic reduction of energy transmission. Blinds, shades, curtains do NOT do this. 

The darker reflective films are especially effective in areas with high heat and solar exposure. Since these commercial window films have a reflective exterior, they also provide excellent privacy while maintaining interior clarity as you will see at the bottom of this page. 

After reviewing options and sampling films, XPEL Blend 7 (Dual Reflective Commercial Window Film) was the best film for this space and Texas Tint Masters received the approval to engage the installation process. 

SQUEEGEE THAT: Installation Day

Our expert installers, Carlos and Pete, arrived on-site prepared for a smooth and efficient installation. We split the tasks to minimize disruption to the company’s daily operations. Pete focused on the office rooms while Carlos managed the entrance offices to the building. 

We began with a full deep cleaning of the glass to ensure a debris-free surface. This meticulous preparation is crucial for a flawless installation and maximum window film adhesion. After laying and trimming the film to its final fitment, we cleaned the glass again and inspected for any bubbles, ensuring a pristine finish.

WOW! The Results

The installation was a resounding success. The XPEL Blend Dual Reflective 7 Commercial Window Film provided significant heat rejection, greatly reducing the temperature in the front entrance area and preventing heat transfer to other office windows. The privacy aspect was an added bonus; The building manager and the building owners were thrilled to see that from the outside, visibility into the offices was significantly diminished but interior visibility was preserved.

The feedback from the occupants, the building manager, and their team was overwhelmingly positive. They appreciated the reduction in glare and the improved comfort levels in their workspace. The privacy enhancement was particularly impressive, providing them with a sense of security and confidentiality.


At Texas Tint Masters, our goal is to deliver solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations. The XPEL Blend Dual Reflective 7 film proved to be the perfect choice for this commercial building, addressing both heat and privacy concerns effectively. 



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