Tesla Cybertruck: Ceramic Tint vs Regular Tint

The Tesla Cybertruck is an all-electric pickup truck developed by Tesla, Inc., an American electric vehicle and clean energy company founded by Elon Musk. Unveiled in November 2019, the Cybertruck garnered significant attention due to its unconventional and futuristic design, characterized by sharp angles and stainless steel construction.

One of the features of this CYBERTRUCK is the shatter resistant windows but is it HEAT RESISTANT and how can it be made better?

Here's everything you need to know about tinting a Tesla CYBERTRUCK.

What Is The Best Tint For Cybertrucks? 

Cybertrucks come equipped with a large amount of glass in a cab. It provides great visibility for the driver however, it also leaves the cab exposed to heat build up and UV (Ultra Violet) radiation. This creates a few problems for Tesla Cybertrucks such as excessive use of the air conditioner which strains the battery due to a constant battle between the AC cooling the truck down and solar heat heating it back up.

To help solve for heat build up in the Tesla Cybertruck, we are using a Nano Ceramic Window Tint — a much better alternative than regular tint.

Ceramic Tint vs Regular Tint: What's the difference?

Regular Tint is a type of tint that has been around since the 1960's. Great for privacy and UV protection but offers minimal protection against heat because it allows most of the sun's heat source (infrared light) to still pass through. Ceramic tint is the only type of automotive window tint that will be the most effective to keeping heat out of the Tesla Cybertruck cab because Ceramic tint comes equipped with a infra-red blocking particles that target infra-red light.

In return, a clear ceramic tint film will outperform a dark regular tint. We use XPEL PRIME Nano Ceramic window tinting for Tesla Cybertruck because it is a long lasting performance tint. XPEL PRIME Ceramic Films can block up to 98% of Infra-Red Solar Heat that enters the Tesla Cybertruck after the window tint is installed, keeping the temperature inside the Tesla cabin cooler and more comfortable.

XPEL Prime Nano Ceramic Window Tint is also "color stable" designed to resist color changing and color fading ensuring a long lasting benefit. The ceramic window tint's adhesive is designed to be strong enough to resist solar damage and prevent bubbling. A testament to its Lifetime Warranty for Tesla Cybertrucks.

How does Ceramic Tint Help Preserve Tesla Cybertruck Battery Life?

To reduce the temperature in the cabin in hot weather conditions, the fan inside a Cybetruck may turn on to vent the cabin when the vehicle is parked. This occurs only if the battery's charge level is above 20%. The ceramic tint heat rejection performance is particularly beneficial for electric cars like Tesla Cybertrucks, as it reduces the energy needed to control the cabin's climate, resulting in a longer battery life.

By using ceramic tint, the car's air conditioning unit has less work to do, which translates into less energy consumption and a more extended battery life. Therefore, opting for XPEL PRIME Ceramic Window Tinting for your Tesla Cybertruck not only keeps you comfortable but also helps preserve your car's battery life as well!

What Is The BEST WAY To Window Tint A Tesla? 

IT'S ALL IN THE PREPARATION. Taking the proper steps BEFORE beginning the install is the key to doing a PROPER tint job. Although every Tesla Window Tint shop has their own unique way of tinting a car, there's a few methods & tools we've had the most success with. WE USE PLASTIC SHEET COVERS TO PROTECT SENSITIVE ELECTRONICS ON CYBERTRUCKS.

These plastic sheet covers prevent water from getting into the electronics of the door during the installation of the tint. During a typical install, water from the tint will drip on the door panels as it is being installed, sometimes leaving streaks (which are removable).

Water can also get into the buttons and cause temporary or permanent damage to the button's electronics. However, by covering them up, the door panel and switches are fully protected from any moisture during the Tesla Cybertruck Tint installation. In order to keep the tint from sticking prematurely before it's ready to be squeegeed, the tint needs to be sprayed water so it can be properly moved around and set to the measurements of the glass.

However once the water has done its job, it needs to be pushed out of the tint for it to dry. By wedging these water absorbing micro fiber ropes on the bottoms & sides of the glass, we prevent the excess water from gushing into the inner parts of the dash on a Tesla Cybertruck.

After the Tesla Cybertruck received a full Nano Ceramic Window Tint installation, we tested the windows to check the heat rejection of the Tesla Cybertruck and the amount of infrared solar heat energy blocked was over 99%, net reading (tint + glass). 

Thank you for reading with us! If you have a Tesla Cybertruck or similar vehicle and would like to experience this level of service and installation, contact us here!